May 28, 2012

Summer Semester 2012

I finally got my grades from my spring semester and they were not what I was hoping for! Instead of 4 A's, I got 3 A's and 1 B. I missed my A by 3 measly points! Ha! But that is fine. I worked so hard and I am very proud of myself that I have completed yet another semester. One step closer to my program. One step closer to that finish line.

This summer has started off quickly and super overloaded. I'm taking a full term of hard classes and I've spent hours yesterday and today doing school work. Desperately trying to get a head start so that I do not fall behind. I am taking Chemistry, Medical Terminology, Speech and Nutrition all at one time. It is a heavy load but if I stay on top of it I will never feel the burden I'm carrying due to the wisdom my Father has taught me. Never put of tomorrow what can be done today. I'm a natural creature of procrastination by birth but I'm listening to my Father and disciplining myself to overcome that.

He is so good to me. Sometimes I find myself not sharing the things He teaches me, gives me or reveals to me because I feel like I sound like someone who is bragging. Well, in a way I guess that is exactly what I'm doing, bragging about my Father, my Savior Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit that keeps my own spirit man in check. Without them I would not be here. Without their deliverance, their healing, conviction to keep me on the narrow path, their protection along the way. No, without them my journey down the path would have been much different and I would not be where I am today.

So yes, I am blessed beyond measure. I have so much peace. I am happier than I have been in so long. Well-I've always been happy with my life but I'm so satisfied. So content. So complete. The Lord is giving me visions of things to do around here and we are getting ready to begin work on one small project. Once this is done I know the Lord is going to use it to call forth many many many more. I am excited. I will share deeper in depth as things unfold.

Please keep praying for my Savannah and if you are reading this take the time to look at her sweet face in the corner. Read her story. She is 16 and called to spend 2 months in East Africa this summer. She is almost at goal. Pray for her, pray for the Lord to call down the heaven's and open the doors and let the floodgates pour out her needs. He knows exactly what they are. and if you feel led to sew seed into His kingdom, to see souls saved and children fed please by all mean support her. All of the information is in the top right corner and if you need anything else just send me a message.

May God bless you all greatly.

Jenileigh-Keys of the Kingdom Evangelistic Ministries.

May 20, 2012

Fundraiser: Family Spring Pictures of 2012

I think that every session turned out beautifully. This photo shoot raised a big portion of Vannah's mission trip. I'm thankful to the photographer, Kim Rakes at Mackenzie Mae Photography for having a generous heart and a love for the Lord and missions. Our family is changing, growing older, larger in many ways, lol. All good ways though. Happiness flows from all of us. The Lord is good. I am blessed beyond measure and could want for nothing.

May 13, 2012

Fundraising for East Africa

I'm so proud of Savannah. She has worked so hard. We are very very close to goal. We are still about $300 short not including air fare to where she is training before she leaves for Ethiopia. Please keep her in your prayers. She leaves June 11th, not much longer now at all.

May 5, 2012

Time to Catch my Breath

Finally, this semester is over. Exams are taken. Now I just have to wait patiently for my grades. Two of my classes I know I have A's but the other two are so close I'm teetering on a low A or high B. I'm so hoping they are A's but it's so close I can't even begin to guess which way it went. I definitely had an A before the final exams but those 2 were very tough for me, and if I do end up with B's those exams will be why. I'm just thankful I have a two week break before the summer term begins. I had initially planned to take a full load this summer but I've sent a letter in to the head nurse over the RN program that I start in the fall and I'm going to take classes according to her recommendations. So, I'm not really sure what my summer will look like yet. It won't hurt my feelings at all if its light but I'll take a full load if necessary.

We just had family photos made and I am so ecstatic over them. I will upload them soon! I'm so pleased with them. I love doing family photos.

Savannah Sky's missions trip is coming along GREAT! She is only $900 away from goal once all of the pledges are paid. I'm so excited for her. Plane tickets to Ethiopia from TX are purchased. She will leave June 11th. Please keep her in your prayers. This will be her first missionary trip and two months is a long haul. The last thing this is going to be is easy for her. There will be a lot of physical and mental adjustments. Please keep her covered in prayer. I pray the Lord lead and direct her and that she hear Him and her relationship develop with Him even deeper. The Lord never ceases to amaze me! I have to admit I wasn't really sure I believed this money would come in so fast. I honestly thought she'd be going on a shorter trip. I know the Lord is in this so I'm putting all my faith in Him and trusting that He will take care of her and that He is going to change her dramatically while reaching souls for His kingdom.

Well, I just wanted to do a small update. I'll be posting our pictures soon!