August 30, 2009

Those Eyes

This would be a perfect picture for Wordless Wednesday. I wanted to give it a name, it says so much, but I couldn't think of anything. The lost look in her eyes. She looks like one of those starving homeless children, you know like a picture you'd see on World Vision.

She isn't though, she is a highly blessed little girl. Her name is Olivia and she is my best friends daughter. Melanie has five children ages ranging from 13 to 7 months. She has 2 sons and 3 daughters. Highly blessed and favored! I had the honor of spending the night at their house on Friday night and baby sitting them all. We had such a good time.

I didn't sleep good, all those mothering instincts picked right up with the little baby in bed with me. She woke around 4 am with the biggest smile on her face. She just cooed and talked to me, rolled around and wallered me, finally laying her head on my tummy and falling back to sleep. Precious.

The little one, that you see above, was an absolute mess. You can see that attitude in her face. She was mad at me and didn't want her picture taken. I love it though, I think it captured so much.

Melanie fixed us all a baked spaghetti for dinner and it was delicious. I helped her older kids set up blogs and we listened to lots of praise and worship music. I came home wore out.

This morning at 4 am I woke with a terrible stomach virus, it finally let up around 11. I'm still nursing myself in bed and thought I'd share this sweet little girl.

August 29, 2009

Worship with Me

This is an awesome live version of this song. I'll be posting the history of this song was written soon. I thank God for His love!

August 9, 2009

Back from a missions trip

It was so wonderful. We've spent months gathering food to take to a desolate place in West Virginia to feed those less fortunate. It's been an awesome time as our church has drawn together, worked together for the glory of God and grown closer to one another.

Today as we handed out boxes of food we shared the gospel of Jesus Christ and how He died on the cross to save us from our sins. There were souls saved, there were seeds planted, there was much encouragement, word from our Lord, praise and worship and a wonderful time of fellowship.

Doors opened. Eyes opened. I'll talk about the doors later. This is special to me.

What a great time in the Lord. I love that Pastor is training us, that I am his protege. I love that I actually got to get out in field, over my fears, and share the love of Christ with strangers.

How long its been.

True missions.

I'm so looking forward to the next assignment from the Lord.

I'm so excited about what God is going to do in my life as well.

Continuing to pray for all of you, and as always, your prayers are appreciated as well.

(I'll be adding pictures later.)

August 5, 2009

Meadow's Pool Party

I'm a little late in posting about Meadow's 8th birthday that was in July. We had a very nice pool party and swam until 10 pm. She had a blast as you can see and I just loved the way her cake turned out. Beautiful!