December 31, 2011

I'm Not Immune!

I woke up this morning with no voice. It seems that after a week of taking care of my family this virus has finally hit me. I was so hoping it would pass right on through the house without attacking me. Fat chance. I just spoke with the hotel that my parents had booked for Tony and I as our Christmas present and they are going to roll our reservation over to the end of the month. I'm so thankful. There is just no way we could go tonight and enjoy it.

So... it looks like we will be rolling in the New Year quietly and with tons of mucous and hacking coughs! I'm not complaining though. We usually spend every New Year together as a family, playing card games, and eating great food. I'm going to whip up some creative mexican tonight with a taco ring loaded with all the trimmings and lots of fresh avocado. Mmmm Comfort foods. I've also rented nine new release movies. We will all be sniffing, blowing, coughing and hacking together. A family. I can't wait to roll in the New Year together!

Happy New Year Blogosphere! May you all be blessed and fulfilled this New Year.

Welcome 2012!

December 30, 2011

Being a Mimi

I just love being a Mimi. I love it I say, I love it. I am amazed at the joy it brings me. The bond formed between my oldest daughter and me. The bond formed between my son-in-law and me. The unspeakable bond formed between my little grandson and me. I never, even in my wildest imaginations, envisioned the relationship that being a Mimi would bring.

Treyton has become a new best friend. All those years I prayed so hard for a boy. God is so good to me.

Everyone in my home has the crud. Today I had to take Tony, Meadow and Treyton to the Doctor. Then I brought them all home and went to pick up a few groceries and fill their prescriptions at 3 different pharmacies. Yep, 3 different ones. I had to visit 2 of them twice. I was gone for an hour and a half.

I finally got home and got everyone dosed. Ha ha! Then cooked a heavy lunch of mesquite chicken tenders, mashed potatoes, stuffing, macaroni and cheese with Hawaiian sweet rolls. We all had grace and ate at the table together. Treyton was the center of attention, keeping us all laughing. Then everyone went down for a nap. Meds taken care of and bellies full. They are all on their way to feeling better.

I am so thankful that my schedule has given me a well needed break over the past two weeks. It felt good to be home, to be a wife, a mommy and a Mimi. It felt good taking care of my family. I have such a sweet feeling of achievement, self worth, and peace. I love being content. I love my family. We are all blessed far beyond measure.

My work schedule resumes next week with school following the week after and instead of facing my new semester with dread I face it with anticipation. I'm one step closer to my goal. One step closer to my program. Once I get in the Dental Hygiene program my schedule will lighten a tad bit. Then I'll just be in school and not having to work full-time and attend school full-time. Finally, once I graduate, I'll only work a three days a week at excellent pay with no more school for a while. Unless, I decide to go for my Bachelors, which I may do on the side.

I'm so glad I home schooled my girls the years I did and stayed at home taking care of my family. My house has never been tidy but it's always been full. Full of love, full of life, full of drama, full of family. I'm thankful for the quality of life we have in every essence.

Thank-You Lord for all You give to us.

And in that day you will say, Give thanks to the Lord, call upon His name and by means of His name [in solemn entreaty]; declare and make known His deeds among the peoples of the earth, proclaim that His name is exalted! Isaiah 12: 4

December 29, 2011


I dreaded turning 40 for how long? Sheesh, I wrote about it for ions. I have felt completely rotten. Happy, but physically rotten. I'm fat. My stomach so big it actually hurts to bend over. Shaving is a becoming a rare chore because it's so stinking painful. It makes me wonder how people that are much larger than me function.

I'm just totally uncomfortable all the time.

I don't mind how I look but how I feel is terrible.

And I have this mole, it's a tiny little thing, right under the right side of my face. V (Sky) had friends over last night and as I was rubbing over it what do you think I found?


Long disgusting hairs.


It Has Come and Gone

Christmas was wonderful. It's sad without my nannie and papa. This was my first Christmas without the both of them. It's hard letting go but I know that one day I will see them again. I think of them together  in heaven cheering us on and being so proud of the large family they created. They really taught us the meaning of family.

My sister came in from the beach and everyone was in the Christmas spirit. We loved, hugged, cried and celebrated. Priceless moments and I am so thankful for each and everyone of them.

Mom and dad got Tony and I a special gift and we get to go and enjoy the New Year's together alone in an all expense paid hotel room for a night with dinner and breakfast included. I thought it was the best gift of all. Tony and I don't always get to spend that alone time together with our work, school and family schedules.

My little Treyton has been a sick boy this week. I only had to work Tuesday and Wednesday, so my other days are spent with him and the girls. Heaven took Trey to the dr. today and he had an ear infection in both ears and pneumonia. He is spending the night with  me tonight because his mommy has to work tomorrow. He fell asleep around eleven but woke up around 1:30 coughing so hard he strangled. The little booger is still up!  Hopefully when we go down again he will sleep in tomorrow. We shall see. I'm keeping Pedialite in him because he has no appetite. I've had a pot of pinto beans cooking with a ham bone all day. Well actually Tony has! Trey has eaten a few bites of beans but not enough to count. Please pray for his speedy recovery. Thank-you.

I forgot to update about my school. I did pass my Algebra 1. I was so excited to discover this. I had 2 A's, a B and a pass. We don't get grades for Algebra classes because they are still considered developmental class so it's a pass or fail. So beginning the new year I'll be taking Algebra 2, English 112, Human Anatomy and Physiology 2 and ITE (which is a computer class.) Another full-time semester. I'm looking forward to it though. Once I get through this semester Chemistry will be my last required class before I can apply to the Dental Hygiene program. I have a few other classes that I will take to lighten my load once I'm accepted but all the required classes will be finished. I plan to take Chemistry alone during the summer so I'll have a light load and a bit of break. I'm surely enjoying my break now. Classes do not resume until the 9th.

December 23, 2011

Almost Christmas

Today has been a laid back lazy day. I kept Treyton this morning and his dad picked him up around one. Meadow and I have been laying around in bed all day, just talking, reading over some old posts here. We've especially enjoyed the ones titled, "A Meadow Moment." These made us laugh so hard! It's fun to have nothing to do but snuggle and talk. I've been so busy lately that we haven't gotten to do a lot of that. Tony went out and brought us back chicken nuggets, subs, pizza and candy bars. :) So we've remained in bed for meals as well! What fun!

Tony and Sky are wrapping the last of the presents for me. He's done all of my wrapping this year and I am so thankful. Usually I have to get Heaven to stay over late on Christmas Eve and do my wrapping. This year we are on top of things.

Tomorrow we have Christmas at my cousin Jane's house and then my mom and dad's. I can't believe Christmas is really here. Wow! I'm trying to slow down every moment and cherish it, listening to the music, feeling the spirit in the air, loving the fact that my family are all here together and getting along. This has been a great year. 2011 was much better than 2010 and I'm praying that 2012 will be better than 2011.

Merry Christmas everyone!

December 19, 2011

Treyton's Christmas Pictures 2011

These are photos taken and edited by me, at Must Be Jenileigh Photography. Trey simply did not care for Santa's hair. Not when on his pappy and not when on his aunt Meadow. The Santa suit made for lovely background in the pictures though! I love these and was quite impressed with them.

December 13, 2011

Almost Ready

I'm almost ready for Christmas! How about you? I only have a few final things to pick and I'm all done. I do plan to make an Italian Cream Cake for Christmas. It is my favorite cake of all time. My sweet grandma Rieson use to make this cake every year for my mom. I have her recipe and it's simply divine. I usually make it round but this year I'd like to find two square cake pans and make it square. I think they are so beautiful in different shapes and layers.

My exams are over and from what I've figured I've got two A's, one B. The only bad thing is that I think I'm going to have to either a.) retake Algebra 1 or b.) try to retest the first of the year. I only missed by a few points. It's a pass or fail class, you don't get a grade and that's why I'm not exactly sure what I got but by my calculations it's a retake. Of course I'm disappointed but I'm pressing through. I will pass all needed classes to enter my program!

December 7, 2011

Exams! Exams!! Exams!!!

I cannot believe that this year is about to come to an end. This has been one hard semester for me and I am thankful that it is almost over. I have not studied as hard as I should have. It is hard to work full-time and still find the time to be a quality wife, mother, friend, housekeeper, and student. I've pushed through even the hardest days, and there were hard days, that I wanted to throw my hands up and quit. I am quite proud of myself for not giving up, I put forth as much effort as I could muster and I'm finally at the end of this hurdle.

I had an exam in Sociology tonight and I aced it! I was so tickled I thought I would just bust wide open! I am thanking the Lord for that grade! My Algebra, which has been my absolute hardest class ever, should have been over last week. I needed an average of an 85% to be exempt from the exam. I had an 81%. So next week is my final exam. I'm going to spend all day Sunday and all day Monday studying hard. It is a pass or fail class and I'm fairly confident that I'll pass, unless I just totally bomb the exam. So please, if you are reading, say a prayer for me!

Then finally, my Anatomy and Physiology exam must be taken by noon Saturday, so Thursday will be my study hard day for that one. I need a 95% for an A in this class, and I truly want an A, but chances are not great that this will happen. I do however have a high enough average that if I score a 50% on the exam I would still get a B. With that being said, I really can't complain.

Then after next Tuesday, I will have a totally blissful 3 weeks off!


I had originally planned on having an extremely hard semester for the Spring, but after lots of careful consideration, I've decided that my GPA is more important then finishing up sooner. I will still take a full load of 4 classes but I've decided to save Chemistry for the summer semester and be able to focus on it alone.

It certainly is a process, but it's moving along. I'm finally working in the right direction of my life goals. That is progress and it feels great. I cannot change my past but I certainly have input on my future. I'm going for it!

December 4, 2011

We Miss You Mathew

Today is the day that we lost our close friend Mathew. I just wanted to dedicate today's post to him. There isn't one year that goes by that we don't think of him. He was such a special boy. I love that you are dancing in Heaven and cheering us on! We miss you so much! Hugs sweet one.

November 27, 2011

Do It Anyway

People are often unreasonable, illogical, and self-centered; Forgive them anyway.

If you are kind, people will accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives; Be kind anyway.

If you are successful, you will win some false friends and some true enemies; Succeed anyway.

If you are honest and frank, people may cheat you; Be honest and frank anyway.

What you spend years building, someone could destroy overnight; Build anyway.

If you find serenity and happiness, they may be jealous; Be happy anyway.

The good you do today, people will often forget tomorrow; Do good anyway.

Give the world the best you have, and it may never be enough; Give the world the best you've got anyway.

You see in the final analysis, it is between you and God; It was never between you and them anyway.
By: Mother Theresa 
 "I don't associate with people who blame the world for their problems. You are your problem. You are also your solution." Megan (from Bridesmaids)

November 25, 2011

I'm so Thankful for my Family

 Above is my cousin Drill Sergeant-Scott West and myself.
Below is my sweet, sweet daddy, Gene and my oldest daughter Heaven.
 This is my handsome husband Tony.
 Mimi and her sweet grandson Treyton.
 My middle daughter V Sky and oldest Heaven Leigh.
 Again my cousin Scott with my loving brother Bo.
 Cousin Jane, sister Toni and Aunt Sue.
 2nd cuz Devin, Heaven, 2nd cuz Taylor, and 2nd cuz Dylan
 Me, cousin-Joanna, cousin Jane
 My very best friend Melanie and I
 I don't know what I'd do without her. She is my soul sister.
 Me ad my baby bro. How I love him.
 We are so silly
 Heaven and Bo
 Dylan and Heaven goofing off.
 Heaven and Devin
These pictures were all taken right before Thanksgiving and after my grandfather's funeral. I wish I had gotten lots more because so many of my family are missing here. I am so thankful for each and everyone.

November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Life just rolls along. It doesn't matter if you are ready for it or not, come what may, you simply cannot slow down time. I'm rolling with it for a change, instead of laying back as it passes me by. I've set goals and I'm working hard.

Change is hard. It's not only hard on the one changing but on those who are affected by the one is who is changing.

Such is life.

I am so very thankful for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I am thankful for His mercy and grace. My, oh my, how He blesses me each and every single day.

My papa passed away this week. It's been so hard letting go. When nannie passed, a year and a half ago, it was harder seeing papa mourn his wife of 65 years. When papa went, it helped to think of him meeting her on the other side. Yet, at the same time, there is such a thickness, this solidity in me, this deep knowing and understanding that this was the passing of a wonderful generation. How I wish that I could hear my papa tell me his stories again. If only I could have preserved their knowledge.

My girls are growing up. My Heaven was 21 this year and my grandson turned one. Sky turns 16 and Meadow turned 10. I hit 40. Such big years for all of us.

1-wow a year already?

10-double digits-the tween years begin!

16-ah sweet sixteen

21-wow I'm really an adult

and 40

40 has seemed so sad. Knowing that I'm halfway through this journey. And that is just a guesstimate.

My prayer if that I enjoy every moment, embrace every day, appreciate every tiny thing. That I open my eyes and not miss a thing. I pray for strength, for true grit, to fight for all that is right, to climb any mountain no matter how big or how tall, and to love with all my mite. Father, lead me, teach me, show me the way. Prepare me for battle.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

November 17, 2011

October 13, 2011

October 10, 2011

Treyton's Fall Pictures 2011

Treyton did not want to sit still for his pictures. I think he thought he was in time out! roflol how funny! He is such a stinker! Beautiful though. Those eyes mesmerize me. Mimi loves her Treyty man!

September 28, 2011

August 21, 2011

August 15, 2011

Let's Go Time's a Wasting

My first week back on track I got in 10 miles, my second week I got in 6 miles and 2 hours of aerobics. I'm working on this week. I'm still not eating as healthy as I should but I am eating considerably less most of the time and the It Works Thermo Fit and Greens are fabulous.

The girls had a virus last week but are recuperating. 

School has started back again and we are in the midst of the end of our Summer. I so love Mondays because I'm off and I always catch up on Mondays and love returning to work on Tuesdays looking forward to another Friday. :)

Been real busy and I haven't been able to blog as frequently as I like but wanted to check in.

(Again, if you are interested in checking out the It Works products click here at It Works with Jenileigh )

August 1, 2011

My Weight Loss Battle Goes On

Ok, I'm sharing this to hopefully keep me accountable. Today I started my Greens and Ultimate Thermofit from It Works. BUT I know that no product in the world is going to cure my battle alone. I am walking again. 
2 miles yesterday, 2 miles today. 
I'm signing up for the 5k in Stuart. 
I'm drinking water. 
I've cut out all diet soda. 
As far as dieting I'm not going there yet. I think this is enough change for my beginning. I hate this battle but what I hate even more is giving up. I'm miserable and my back hurts. I've gained 40lbs since November last year. I want that 40lbs gone. I want my focus to be on my health and not how skinny I'd like to be. I also plan to start Estro Rhythm to attack some night sweats, memory loss and other things that menopause brings on. 
If you have not heard of It Works before go to my web site and read. It lists all products and there are videos to explain each product, along with testimonials. This is wonderful stuff. I've had several friends completely change their lives by changing their lifestyle and using It Works products. 
It Works! With Jenileigh

July 31, 2011

What I'm Reading Now

I'll share some as I get further into this. So far, it's great!

Be Still Sunday

July 26, 2011

Wise Words

Watch your thoughts, for they become words.
Watch your words, for they become actions.
Watch your actions, for they become habits.
Watch your habits, for they become character.
Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.
-- Author Unknown

July 25, 2011

Flying By

I cannot believe how fast time goes by. I can remember longing for the spring and now I am registering the girls for the upcoming school year. Things are going well in our household. The biggest drawback is my tendancy to clutter. We simply have too many things. My middle daughter Sky has been a gem and has been cleaning and organizing the den and kitchen. It feels so good to have a clean home.

The next projects are the classroom and basement. Ugh, they are so big they can be overwhelming. Well, who am I kidding? They are overwhelming and that is exactly why we haven't tackled them yet. I have such plans for my classroom. I want to turn it into a prayer room. I have to get it empty before I can paint and begin my venture though. I also have to tackle my own room. Meadow has worked hard on her room this week but she still has so many toys and clothes that need to go so that it won't be so hard for her to keep clean.

Decluttering. It is no fun but it is very rewarding when all the hard work is finished. If it were up to me I would back a truck up to the door and haul it all away. You can't do that if anyone is watching because there would be too many protests. No one wants to get rid of their things but if you didn't even know it was there for the last couple of years do you really need it?

Work is going well. I am planning to take at least one class this fall. Quite honestly I need to take two classes but I'm just not sure if I want that work load. If I can manage one class each semester I may be able to keep better grades. It is very hard working full-time, going to school, raising girls, being a wife and keeping a home. I like working though, I have to admit it has helped me to keep a better schedule and it helps me to feel better. Somehow I feel more accomplished. If left to the house for some reason I seem to fall back into my slump. I just can't seem to get myself motivated in spite of all the work that needs to be done.

I suppose that is enough for now. I look forward to posting about the completed project!