November 30, 2009

Chantal Kreviazuk-leaving on a jet plane

You ever just have one of those days?

Today is my day.

If I could- this is what I'd do, even if I could only go for just a few days.

Sometimes you just need to be alone, to get away, and today I'd like to leave..... on a jet plane.

I love this song. Sort of helps me feel like I have left, a few moments of peaceful getaway, day dreaming.


Do a seach for it on You Tube. Not sure why videos aren't allowed on blogger any longer.

November 28, 2009


I am so tired after having two glorious days of Thanksgiving with my families. We did do a little black friday shopping. Nothing major, two of the things I had wanted were gone. I did manage to find one of them online and the other we'll get before Christmas but it would have been great had we been able to get them yesterday.

Tony and I are spending the day in bed watching movies. I didn't get to go and see Blindside yet but I'm thinking Sky and I will go to a matinee this week! Can't beat those prices! :)

Praying all of you had a blessed Thanksgiving!

November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

I am at my mother in laws house baking for tomorrow........cheesecake, pumpkin roll, peanut butter balls, snowballs, cookie dough truffles....mmmmmm

I am spending the night tonight and I feel much like a little girl at grandma's house! I guess in a lot of ways, that is exactly what I am. I'm so thankful that I am close to my mother in law. I enjoy helping her but I don't feel like I'm helping because I LOVE doing the cooking!

Thanksgiving is my favorite time of year.

Tony will be coming up in the morning. He doesn't like to sleep anywhere but his bed! LOL

We will have almost all of the desserts done tonight, the turkey in the oven, and other dishes are prepared just waiting to be baked. I like being prepared!

Friday will be Thanksgiving at my mom's house for my family. My sister is in from the beach and I can't wait to see my brother. I'm ever so thankful for all of my family.

I'm looking forward to the next two days, I'm so excited that I'm giddy!

I'm hoping to find time to go and see Blindside with Sandra Bullock this weekend. If you've seen it let me know if it was as good as they say it will be!

I pray each of you have a blessed Thanksgiving! Praise to be to God that we celebrate such a time as this!

November 18, 2009


Yesterday I went to my mother in laws and canned 14 quarts of deer. Meadow loves to help and that amazes me. Sky won't come near the deer meat! Meadow helped cut the deer meat up and pack it into the jars. I love having her help. Meemaw loved having our help too.

My sister in law came over with baby Aiden and spent the night with us last night. We all had such a good time. We watched the biggest loser, cooked dinner, cleaned up, reminisced and laughed most of the night.

It felt good.

Spending time with family and doing work that is enjoyable and rewarding.

Bringing those quarts of deer home and putting them in the cabinets felt so good. Sometimes being a stay at home mom can leave you with feelings that you don't really work or contribute to the family in a financial way. I know I contribute, in many ways that money could never buy, but when I pay the bills and purchase things we need there are those times that I feel some sort of responsibility to bring in money.

I try to find ways, but any ideas that I've had take money to make money. Even homemade items take money to purchase supplies.

The deer we canned was given to us by a friend of Tony's that likes to hunt but doesn't like to eat deer. I'm hoping the Lord blesses us with a few more before winter is over.

I'm truly looking forward to the holiday season. Thanksgiving is just around the corner!

November 16, 2009

Manic Mondays

Meadow has had a horrid toothache. I called her dentist first thing this morning and thankfully they had an opening for her at 3pm today. We managed to finished school before having to go. Heaven came over and rode with us because they are having hard wood floors put in her home and its so messy and loud that she didn't want to sit over there listening to them work.

I don't know what is going on with Meadow's teeth and neither does our dentist! She just had xrays of her teeth in March and she didn't have this cavity. So in seven months she'd gotten this deep cavity in the center of two teeth. They worked on her for 2 hours and had to reschedule her for another visit.I had no idea we'd be in the office that long.

I had an appointment somewhere special to do something for Tony's Christmas present and was afraid I wouldn't get there on time. Thankfully we did and that was a sheer joy! I'm so excited about this! Then we went and looked at mattress and box springs for Heaven and Matt. I believe we had found a better deal the last time we went shopping. so she held off to go back there.

We are redoing our den (which was previously Heaven's bedroom) so I had to make a trip to Lowe's Home Improvement to pick up paints and blinds.

We finally got home by 8pm tonight! It was a long day but very productive.

We also had a wonderful Sunday yesterday, both the morning and evening services were fabulous. Our morning scripture was:

Isaiah 41:10 Fear thou not, for I am with thee, be not dismayed, for I am your God! I will strengthen thee, yea I will help thee, yea I will uphold thee with the right hand of My righteousness.

What a beautiful scripture! It was very comforting and well needed. I'm so thankful to have a home church with a pastor that truly hears from and obeys the Lord. I praise God that He is there for me and that He hears and will answer me!

Looking forward to a great week ahead. We have a lot on our plates. I may try to post before and after pictures of our den. What do you think?

November 14, 2009

Prayer Request for friend's of mine's daughter Katie

Katie was in a bad car accident on November 10th. Her cars side nor front airbags deployed. She has major facial damage including breaking both cheeks, detaching her palate and they've had to wire her jaw together. She also broke both of her femurs. She has undergone a 7 hour surgery with a plastic surgeon for her face and a 5 hour surgery on her legs. Tory is just 18/19, she is beautiful and has her whole life ahead of her. Her parents are so precious! I went to school with both her mom and her dad. I would so appreciate it if the blogging community would come together and pray hard for them!

November 13, 2009

I Love Fridays

Even Friday the 13th! Tony has always loved the number 13 so the whole luck thing has never bothered us, not that we believe in superstitions either but you know what I mean. has been the best day ever.

I went with Heaven to the doctor today and we got to see the baby and her heartbeat! (We are rooting for a girl!) She will be 7 weeks tomorrow.

I'm ecstatic! I truly am.

After this we went to lunch at the Long Horn.

What a great way to spend the day.

I also love how close Heaven and I have grown since her new found adulthood. Moving out really changed things between us. It's not that they were bad before either its just that they are different now.

I'm so happy. I had to share.

I'm going to be a Gammy and Tony is going to be a Pappy!

I just want to give God all the glory. There are many all over that have been lifting Heaven in prayer over the last few weeks. God heard and He answered!


November 12, 2009

New Look

I tire so easily of blog designs. I also tire of having to fork out over a $100 everytime I want a new look. Tony had gotten me Photoshop Elements for Christmas last year and I've tried a few times to work with it but I find it very complicated. Things usually are when you first get started with something new.

I've been hunting around and discovering new and free blog templates and headers so I decided to drop my old look and I installed this one myself. I love the look and will be able to play with my design and change it with the seasons if I wish. I think this will be a lot of fun. The only drawback is that at the moment, I can't personalize my headers.

I plan to continue to work with Photoshop and figure out how to add photos and captions in my headers. If I can accomplish this I'll be much happier with my freebie looks.

So bear with me as I work my way through my new hobby.