November 13, 2009

I Love Fridays

Even Friday the 13th! Tony has always loved the number 13 so the whole luck thing has never bothered us, not that we believe in superstitions either but you know what I mean. has been the best day ever.

I went with Heaven to the doctor today and we got to see the baby and her heartbeat! (We are rooting for a girl!) She will be 7 weeks tomorrow.

I'm ecstatic! I truly am.

After this we went to lunch at the Long Horn.

What a great way to spend the day.

I also love how close Heaven and I have grown since her new found adulthood. Moving out really changed things between us. It's not that they were bad before either its just that they are different now.

I'm so happy. I had to share.

I'm going to be a Gammy and Tony is going to be a Pappy!

I just want to give God all the glory. There are many all over that have been lifting Heaven in prayer over the last few weeks. God heard and He answered!



Susan said...

How exciting Jenileigh. I am very happy for all of you, but especially you. Being a grandmother is absolutely the best!!! I know you'll be a great one.

Allie said...

Oh happy day!!!!! I'm keeping Heaven in my prayers, sweetie - you are going to be a wonderful grandma! Even if you are too young. *wink*