March 25, 2014

Visit from V

My V came to visit me. I haven't posted as many pictures lately because I lost my phone-AGAIN-the second one so far- and I don't have any way to take or post pictures. So anytime I have a visitor I try to always make it a point to have them take photos that I can share. It was a good visit. I miss my sweet V. She moved out a little over a month ago and I have not gotten to visit with her much at all. Tony fixed us a nice steak dinner and then we goofed off a while.

March 23, 2014


If you’re born between the 24th September and 3rd October you are a true diehard Libran with the quality of Venus fully dominating your life.  You are artistic, caring, full of love and social warmth with many friends, but perhaps too many even for you at times.
The junction point of two star signs is called the cusp.  This is a change over period when those born in this interval, in your case between the 21st and 29th of September, will partake of some of the characteristics of the previous star sign, namely Virgo.

The combined influence of the two ruling planets that is Venus the ruler of Libra and Mercury, the ruler of Virgo endow you with a very quick and analytical mind.  You have an extended awareness and can apply this to both practical matters as well as spiritual insights as well.

Because you are such a rational person you take on the critical aspects of Virgo and can sometimes be extremely difficult to deal with.  Your mind is in hyper mode much of the time and this can tire you out as well as get people off side.

Relationships are to be felt and ideas are there to be thought about.  Try switching these around although it’s not a bad idea to keep a balance of these other areas of your life and by doing so the Virgo - Libra combination will serve you well.

An important point I should make is that Virgo being the sign of health and Libra being the sign of sociability, one may affect the other.  Living life too hard, on the razors edge is not a good thing for you.  If you are as aware as what I’ve indicated, it will start to make sense when you’re not living in harmony with what nature has intended.

You have a mixture of emotion and mentality and at times when you oscillate between the two.  You try to make decisions with your feelings and try to analyse emotional relationships with your mind.  Don’t you think this is back to front Libra?

Your bodily signals will be quite clearly pronounced and you should listen to what these signals are telling you.  Try to keep balance on your mind, don’t let the critical side of Virgo overtake your sensibilities and be gentle on yourself because Virgo can be their own worst self critics.  Love yourself Libra!

Modality: Cardinal
Element: Air
Ruler: Venus
Season: Fall
7th Sign of Zodiac
Metal: Copper
Stone: Diamond, Quartz, Marble
Color: Pastel Green
Keywords: just, sociable, refined, accommodating, kind, fair, diplomatic, likable, indecisive, respectful, artistic

March 22, 2014

My Hippie Henley

My sweet little grandson is 5 months old. 
He is such a chunk monkey.
This Mimi got some great lovings today. 

March 16, 2014

Wonderful Ice Cold Day


I hate to complain. I just cannot wait for Spring. It keeps sneaking in and then disappearing again. It does this over and over and over. It makes it hard  to adjust. The cold just seems colder after a nice warm day. Today had a sweet bonus though. I had a bit of reward for braving the cold. Here they are.

Me and Bony March 16, 2014
Farmer's Market
Stuart, Va

March 12, 2014

Blustery Windsday!

Every time the wind blows like it is tonight it reminds of Winnie the Pooh. This captured me today.

Hum dum dum ditty dum Hum dum dee
Oh the wind is lashing lustily And the trees are thrashing thrustily And the leaves are rustling gustily So it's rather safe to say
That it seems that it may turn out to be It feels that it will undoubtedly It looks like a rather blustery day, today It sounds that it may turn out to be Feels that it will undoubtedly Looks like a rather blustery day
Oh I know today is Windsday And this is how I know It is always on a Windsday That the winds begin to blow
Oh the wind is lashing lustily And the trees are thrashing thrustily And the leaves are rustling gustily So it is rather safe to say
That it seems that it may turn out to be It feels that it will undoubtedly It looks like a rather blustery day, today It sounds that it may turn out to be Feels that it will undoubtedly Looks like a rather blustery day

March 11, 2014

Repeated Titles

Once again I approach the subject of me repeating myself. If I were to have truly titled today's post it would have been, "Dazed and Confused." But, alas, somehow, I know I've done that before. Maybe I've been here before. Man, that is a scary thought.

I feel the spring coming on. I've been incredibly up. I've been having fun, enjoying myself, my friends, life and laughing and dancing harder than ever. I wonder if the lows are worth the highs I get to experience. Some people just don't know how to get there. I feel for them.

I've set goals for myself. One of them of course is my weight. I go for 10 pound increments. I'm down around 30 pounds from 2013. I've finally hit a low for me since 2010. I am sticking to my diet quite well and feeling it. That is the amazing thing. How much better I feel when I am sugar and carbohydrate free. The goal is to stay free and prayerfully this amazing energy and crazy spirit I have will endure the days to come.

It's sad to admit it but weight brings depression, depression brings out a me that I have been most of my life.. a me that I do not like.

Another goal is to spring clean my entire house. Several rooms are complete, I have several to go, plus the basement. But I can't wait to be done with this one. I keep telling myself slow and steady wins the race.

I'm working, and aging, and trying to hang on to any bit of youth that I can. I want to grow old feeling and looking as young as I can at whatever age I am. I feel this way, I take away the power of age, and step into the important, VERY IMPORTANT, task of enjoying this life.

Some call it selfishness. I question and wonder if I am. Selfish is such a harsh word. In a world where we are taught to be selfless. There again I must bring myself back to balance. You can lose yourself in being selfless. I think it's very important to know who you are and not be afraid of changing into who you need to become, who you are inside, the person you've hidden for so long. It's is a stifling life to say the least, and releasing the inner you is so freeing.

Peace, love, happiness, smiles, dances, and laughter. Things that bring joy to your spirit.

More goals. I wanna hoop. That is no secret. I  need to get a good hoop and do the dvds I have sitting on my shelf.

More exercise. Walking/running. I miss my times with the Lord.

Strength. Let me draw the strength I need to be myself.

New love for March: Patchouli


Did I leave you dazed and confused? Or did I make perfect sense?

March 4, 2014

March 2014

I wonder if every year at this time I feel the exact same way. I think so. I think that each year as a new season approaches I long for it. I get impatient. We are at the end of a long cold winter and I am more than ready for change. I long for the warmth of spring, the beautiful flowers, the birds and the bees. I definitely feel as though I repeat myself a LOT. But I guess that is okay. This blog is for me, for me and my family. I'm sure repetitiveness can be over looked.

Come on spring....come on....

March 1, 2014


I have peace.