September 27, 2008

Our Hamster

The day before yesterday I noticed that Sandy (Sky's hamster) didn't have any food in her cage. So I opened her little cage and filled her bowl. I really enjoy giving her fresh fruits and veggies and how some nights she'll eat them out of my hand, but this night I was too tired, so I just filled her bowl and went to bed.

The next day Sky comes to me to inform me that Sandy is missing. She wanted to know if I had accidentally left her cage door open? Oh dear, yeppers, that would be me. I told her that Sandy's food bowl was empty and I was going to lecture her about that and Sky reassured me that she had filled Sandy's bowl that morning and that she was NOT going hungry. Oh dear.

Sooo...Sky pulled out her hamster book and read about how to catch her. The sad news is that they don't offer much hope in finding them. We put food out last night for her in Sky's room. Sky slept with us last night, yep, you heard that right, she slept with US! She was too freaked out by the idea that Sandy might climb the bed covers and sleep with her. So this morning when we enter the room, the food is gone.

Well I guess that is a good sign. At least we know she isn't too far off. Then around 11:00 o'clock this morning, Sky comes and gets dh and I and informs us that she can hear Sandy chewing behind her huge homemade American Girl dollhouse. (Did I mention that dh was totally against getting a hamster?) Of course dh orders us all into Sky's room, he wants this hamster caught! Inside I'm grinning so big. (I'm thinking, "only in my house!")

So I get a peach, um...I'm not sure if hamsters like peaches or not but its the only fruit in the house and I know Sandy loves fruit. Dh gets on one end of the dollhouse and I on the other, both of us armed with fresh pieces of peach.

Sandy goes to dh and takes a bite off of his peach only to run back to the center of the dollhouse where neither of us could reach her. Hmmmm Dh has a brilliant idea of getting the broom, so Sky, (terrified of the hamster) goes to get the broom. I put a small box on the floor, on my end of the dollhouse, with the peach inside and dh take the broom and scoots Sandy out from the other side and PLOOMP, into the box she goes!

Yay!!! We got her. I dumped her from the box back into her cage and made sure I closed the lid. Whew!

The thing is, are we going to keep her?? I don't mind cleaning her cage or feeding her out of my hand, but I can't seem to have enough calm to hold her. Sky is so afraid of her she won't hold her and I don't want Sandy to bite us. Dh of course wants Sandy gone. This episode was too much for him...sooooo

Do any of you ladies want a hamster?

September 26, 2008

Things went well

thanks for your prayers! I truly felt and appreciate them.

We don't really have any big plans for the weekend. Sunday is my birthday and one of my best friends Kimmie is going to take me to see the new movie,"The Women" I'm so excited! I've watched a trailer of it online and it looks so funny and now is a good time for me to experience some humor. :)

Heaven is on a date with Matt tonight, (which is typical) Meadow is staying with her little friend Nikki, and Sky is in the late process of trying to find a friend to come here since she has the house to herself! Dh is in the bed early. I had a nap so I'll be a night owl again tonight! Ugh, so much for keeping schedules! :)

How about you? Plans for the weekend?

September 25, 2008

I Covet Your Prayers

tomorrow. 9/26/08 Thanks sistas!

September 22, 2008

Manic Monday

The girls are doing so well in school. Some days I'm so busy and others it seems I haven't a thing to do. Heaven and I went shopping and found her wedding dress, slip, bra, tiara and veil. I cannot believe my little girl is getting married. I believe earlier this year I was posting about having empty nest syndrome because she was going to be leaving for college. Now she will be attending the local community college for a couple of years before having to transfer out to finish her degree to teach English.

I have been debating what to do with myself, although I'm not 100% sure that I won't be homeschooling again next year, you just never know. I didn't start college at the Christian School as intended because of the classes. I thought it was a program that I could get a teaching certificate and a bible degree in so that I could teach in any Christian School but this one was bible classes only and wouldn't benefit me anywhere but there. I will be substituting though, actually I'll be teaching 4th grade tomorrow. I do love teaching. I wish our church would buy land and build a fully functioning Christian School. (I'm praying)

I have been contemplating going back to school to take the RN program. The thing that gets me is that I'll need at least 3 semesters of math and science before I can even apply to our local nursing schools. It will take me 4 years to finish, and that is if I passed all classes each semester and I passed the HESI test at the end of each semester. Here, even if you pass the semester, if you fail the HESI you must repeat that semester until you pass the HESI. I have a friend that failed the HESI twice and it took her an extra year to finish. That is a long time and a long commitment. Especially due to the high demand. I'm almost 37 and they only accept a limited # of students each year with a portion being given first to those just graduating and those that are already LPNs. I'd hate to take 2 years of prerequisites only to have to wait even longer to get in.

I investigated attending our local Tech College, the one I graduated from before, I could finish a degree in Medical Assisting in about a year. This would be my fastest option but I called several local Dr.s offices and they don't recommend it. In our area MA's aren't hardly used at all and I would have to travel to have a job. I'm an hour away from three different larger cities that would employ MA's so I'm hesitant to go that route also. Pay start out isn't that high either and with gas prices I just don't see the benefit.

Decisions, decisions.

That and trying to plan a wedding. I really haven't a clue where to start. Right now the big question is where? They want an outside wedding and not a typical church wedding so that greatly limits me. Pray the Lord show us the perfect place to hold a wedding in this beautiful county we live in.

Other than that all is well on the homefront. Oh, other than Roxy. She will be one in November and she still is NOT potty trained. She is in a crate and she is being taken outdoors, I also have pee pads down inside and she uses those too, BUT she still continues to poop and pee in the girls bedrooms. I'm getting to my wits end with her. We all spend lots of time with her, we even took training classes and I've read two books. Nothing is working. I've contemplated trying to find another home for her. That breaks all of our hearts but we just don't know what else to do. sigh...

September 20, 2008

I knew it was coming

Matt proposed to Heaven today! I just got the phone call. I knew it was coming because Matt had requested to have dinner with Tony last week and he asked Tony if he could have his daughter's hand in marriage. Tony gave his blessings, even though we do feel she is really young. I believe a late spring/early summer wedding is planned. I have so many mixed feelings , but at the same time, I'm really happy for them. Well, not much time, just wanted to share the news.

September 9, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Young Love

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September 7, 2008

Be Still Sunday # 3


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September 4, 2008

Thankful Thursday

I have so many things to be thankful for but today I'm keeping it simple. I'm thankful that the Lord has given me time with this little fella, short as it may be. He is so precious. For those who missed yesterday his mommy is in prison and he is staying temporarily with my sister in law. Please keep them all in prayer. Have a blessed day!

September 3, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

This is Aiden. Please keep this little fella in your prayers. His mommy is in prison. My sister in law met her while she was doing some time and they bonded. She had no one to take him and he would have gone into foster care. Now my sister in law is taking care of him and I really believe that it is helping her, plus we get to help too! Thank-you for your prayers for him and his mommy.

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September 2, 2008

Poppin In

You know it seems like I've been busy busy busy but I can't remember what I've been doing! Sigh. If I don't mark it or write it down on my calendar then I simply can't recall what I've done. It can be frustrating.

I do remember yesterday. We were heading up the Mountain to spend the day with my mil and help her make some peach jam, can peaches and pick apples. We received a phone call from a couple at church and they were having a yard sale and invited us over. She said she had lots of clothes to fit Meadow. Boy did she ever! I filled two huge boxes of clothes, everything from sweaters to skirts, shirts and dresses. She got seven pair of shoes. I was thinking about what to offer her for the whole lot of things and she said, I'm blessing you with these, I'm sewing seed. I was stunned. WOW! I know it was well over a hundred dollars. I haven't been given second hand things in a long time and I really miss it. You don't realize how much money it saves you until you go shopping and are forced to buy things new. Even if I do find them on sale for $4 or $5 which is a great deal it still doesn't compare to yard sales or hand me downs. I love em. So I've spent the day cleaning out Meadow's room and reorganizing and purging making room for her nice new things.

I was able to talk my sister in law into letting me keep her 4 week old little boy (the one who's mommy is in prison). I have been up since 5:30 this morning! Can you believe that?! Wowzers! I love it. It's awesome having him here, listening to his squeaky little noises and smelling that fresh baby scent. I get to keep him until tomorrow. If I can find my camera chip I'll post a picture of him in the morning for Wordless Wednesday.

Till then....