December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas 2013!

I love how God changes things in moments. SO many answered prayers. I get down sometimes but I know that my Father allows that only to show me His greatness and His power. I'm nothing and have nothing without Him. He is just and He is faithful.

This year has been hard to get into the Christmas Spirit. The things I wanted couldn't be bought. Because of all of my anger I've felt as though I couldn't pray. I know what the Lord expects of me. I know His word, but I have been so in the flesh and so angry at people and how heartless they can be. I know to pray for them but all I've wanted to do is seek revenge.

I sit at home today for that reason. I knew that if I were to be around one person and I were to be provoked that I would give in to that anger. I am glad I stayed home. I have a wonderful mother in law but my sister in law and her family have always rose against my dear husband and my family. It breaks my heart for my husband. It breaks my heart that he has always been mistreated, treated less than his sister, and never good enough for any of them. No matter how well he proves himself, still, he is attacked. It's hard as his wife to watch him experience this and not retaliate. He on the other hand is so good at it. Who knew he could be such a meek and humble man. He is so honorable. I love him so much.

I mentioned my brother and the custody battle for his son in my last post. I'm happy to report that he was able to pick his son up today on Christmas day and will return him to his mother on Sunday before he returns to work! The Lord knew that in the midst of all the battles swarming around me and my own family that my very one wish this Christmas was for my brother to be able to see his son.

The Christmas Spirit has overwhelmed me. I couldn't be happier. THIS truly is the BEST Christmas that I have ever experienced. I am still battling some anger, so prayers are appreciated, but the one thing I know is that God is in control. He alone is my provider. And He takes very good care of this family. I have no worries.

I pray that each of you have a very very Merry Christmas!

Thank You Lord for sending your Son Jesus to die on that old rugged cross and raise again three days later to save my unworthy soul.

Merry Christmas!

December 16, 2013

Rough Week

It seems like the devil is never at bay. This is the first year in a really long time that our family has been getting along. Everyone is broke but at peace. So, because of the peace, hell hits everywhere else that it can.

It's not that I'm complaining.

I'm just upset.

Especially for my brother and my nephew.

He's having to fight for custody of his son and it breaks my heart. He's been the primary care giver for over 3 years and all of a sudden to have your child just ripped away and you're told you cannot see him again until the court date in March.

Heaven and Matt's heat is out.

Bills are behind.

I'm thankful for all of our health. I just hate this feeling of doom.

It'll pass I know.

Brighter days are coming.

Prayer warriors pray for my family.

December 2, 2013


We've made it through two girls with the flu, one with the strep, two Thanksgivings, lots of visits, wisdom teeth removable coming this week, new job-at the same place- a promotion to office manager with lots of new things to learn. My brain is over crammed with things.  Yet, I have so much to be thankful for. I've wanted to blog but it seems like I can't find the time. I head to bed very early in order to handle my days that start so much earlier than I'm used to.

I miss my camera. I lost my phone. I used it as a camera to share so much. That hurts a lot on my blogging and major life event sharing. I'm hoping to figure out a way around this soon.

I wish I had all night to poor my heart out but tonight is just not that night.

Soon though. Soon.

November 10, 2013

Romantic Interlude

I had a stressful few days. Lots of tension, my oldest is wore out and tired from her newborn. This Mimi is exhausted as well. So my hubby offered to sweep me off of my feet, taking me out of town to a little cabin with the best view, for a night alone. We started a fire. We laid on the couch and snuggled. We talked and we laughed like girlfriends. We had the best brunswick stew and lots of delicious comfort food. Stuffed, toasty and warm. I slept like a babe. He didn't rest well at all. He enjoyed the stay but his back makes it hard on him to sleep anywhere away from home.

We also took Roxy and Suki. They were so well behaved and we all had quality time together.
The fire.


Our View. So beautiful!

I also want to express how blessed I am to have such great friends. I have one special girl that lets us use her special place that I like to refer to as Paradise on the Mountain Top.  I stood out on the rocks you can't see in the photo above and I lifted my arms to praise my Lord. His presence was there. Our time was golden. I love my husband, his heart, and his efforts. We watched movies together like Dances with Wolves, Young Guns, Due Date, A Week with Marilyn Monroe and some Stevie Nicks. 

This ole girl can't wait until next time.............

November 8, 2013

Lover's Leap

One of my favorite things to do in the fall is to ride up the mountain and see the leaves. This year was dominated by golds. Sadly the reds and vibrant oranges were more subtle, almost nonexistent. But the golds were many, deep and strong. There are places when the sun hits just right, that is glows, and you can feel the presence of God. We took a day and visited the beautiful over look at Lover's Leap, went to the candy store, took my mother in law to eat at Tuggle's Gap, and enjoyed the company of our youngest daughter and oldest grandson. It was a splendid day.

We live in a beautiful place. We don't have to travel to see the wonderous creations of our Master and Creator. We only need to slow down long enough to enjoy what He has surrounded us with. We couldn't be more blessed. He is so good to us. I am ever so Thankful to Him for every single blessing. 

October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Ah what a wonderful month October has been. I'm so excited to inform you that my newest grandson Henley James Dalton was born on October 27th at 3:58 am weighing 8lbs 12 oz. My daughter Heaven had him completely natural at the New Life Birthing Center. It was a wonderful experience. Baby and mommy are doing wonderful.

Treyton is adapting well to all of the exciting new changes in his life. This Mimi is so proud.

I still continue to do well with my weight loss decisions. Not quite as good as it was, less exercise-due to time and babies being born, eating more junk than I should but maintaining and I am not weighing until at least November 19th. I'm determined to hit another big mark by then!

I am in the process of updating my blog design again to match this lovely Fall season. The leaves are so beautiful where we live and as soon as I have a chance to catch my breath I will share pictures of all of these events! I am not home at the moment or I'd include a picture of sweet Henley. :)

I've also transitioned into another job. Haven't checked to see if I mentioned it before or not but the season at Poor Farmer's Farm has gone and I was blessed enough to land an office position at our local vets office. I'm already working there and loving it! Have taken some time off for Heaven but head back tomorrow!

I believe that is all for now.

God is good all the time.

All the time God is good.

I am so blessed and ever so grateful. I live a wonderous life, with awesome family, beautiful scenery and the sweetest emotions ever. So much love, devotion and completeness. I haven't words to express.

Happy Halloween!

October 15, 2013

Weight Loss and Catch Up

Oh my. I've had so much going on. It's our busy season at The Poor Farmer's Farm and I've been working my bum off. :) (No complaints here.)

I've been on my blog twice trying to update my template but I'm having trouble due to windows 8. So for now my season won't change. I'll get to that when I slow down a little.

Heaven is 38 weeks this week. We are all patiently awaiting the arrival of Henley James.

I've got a new job. I put in my two week notice today. I'll share where once I've transitioned.

Crazy news. You all know how I've battled weight loss all of my blogging life. Ha! (and before.) Well this past time I set my mind to eat low carb and just water. No sugar, no breads, etc.... I hit the 20 lb loss mark so quickly I was amazed  I just finished week 3 of low carb eating. 22 days. I started couch to 5K yesterday and hit the gym with my sister today for circuit training. What amazes me is that I have lost 22 lbs in 22 days. How in this world can that happen? I feel like I'm on a season of the Biggest Loser. I'm hard at it, but have never had these kind of results before. I know my weight loss cannot continue to be this huge this fast but I am thankful to see such progress so FAST!

After today's weigh in I will not be weighing again until November. So we will see where things go from here. As for other news I'm on my way to work and just don't have the time currently. I have a lot of updating to do and family news to share.

Catch up again soon!

September 26, 2013


I am finally into day 3 with drinking nothing but water. I have eliminated all sugar and carbs (other than complex carbs). I'm eating healthier, more protein, more vegetables and I feeling and seeing the difference.

I'm keeping these weight loss posts in my drafts folder until I see how far I get with this. If I am on a road that I am not turning off of then I'll go back and post all my drafts. I just don't want to put all this out there and then fall back into eating sugar and regain all my weight. I want to be a inspiration and not quitter.

(Update. This is my only draft. I'm posting it and logging everything from this point forward into my blog. So pass or fail. I'm doing this!) 

September 23, 2013

Me and Little Man

I love this picture of us. It was Friday night at the fair and my husband Tony and his group, Almost There, were playing. We had gone to listen to them but Treyton was tired of waiting and wanted to go and ride at the fair. So his Mimi snuck him out and we went and rode some rides! He was happier after the picture was taken! Being a grandmother beats anything else in the world.

My Heaven is due October 31st. She is 5 weeks now. I'm excited to see how far she is going to go. Her friend Mandy gave birth at 37 weeks yesterday.

Oh Happy Day!

Oh and later that fair day, much later after this picture was taken, Treyton and I had our faces painted. Check this out!
We had so much fun!

September 17, 2013

Patrick County Fair 2013

Me and my Sissy. Praising God for mending fences.
Treyton had so much fun!
We always ride the carousel.
I want my MiMi!
Riding all alone, well, except for the worm.
My handsome grandson.
We had a wonderful time. The only thing missing are pictures of my Meadow. Hope to get some more on Friday. :)

September 13, 2013

My Cheerleader

I can't remember if I've talked a lot about the changes for Meadow that we have made this year. I'm thinking I did mention it. We've changed her school for her 7th grade year and we are right at a month into school and I'm so happy to report that she is doing awesome.

I love the new school. The security is better, there are more staff to student ratio, and the best news of all is that Meadow has met no resistance- which means- NO BULLYING at her new school. There is less drama and she is more focused on her academics.

She has a new boost of confidence in herself that I knew was hiding in there. I'm so glad it's surfacing. She's made new friends. Her grades have come up. I'm just so happy.

It was a tough decision to make because you never know how things are going to play out. You want to teach your children to tough out situations as well. I felt in my heart this was the best thing to do and with Tony feeling the same way that was the confirmation I needed.

She is more involved because she is a cheerleader. And even more so because she absolutely LOVES cheering.

You can't imagine how happy that makes this momma. It's weird when there were things we wanted so bad when we were little but couldn't do them, and we feel as though our dreams come true when we see our own children get to live those dreams.

Here's praying for a great rest of the year!

Her friend Kylie on the left and my Meadow on the right. Aren't they just beautiful!

September 11, 2013

I Remember

Let us never forget.

September 10, 2013

My growing babies

Roxy will be 6 in November

Suki is 16 weeks

Just look at that tongue would ya?! lol

Beautiful Beloved Suki

September 5, 2013

Lunch Date

We had lunch at the Chateau Morrisette and it was so beautiful that day. The food delicious. Spent time with my daughter Savannah, my grandson Treyton, my mother in law Mildred, and my sister in law Tammy.

My boy fell asleep on the way there and was waking up as I was carrying him in. Such a sweet little gentleman he is.

August 30, 2013

RIP Shane Part 2

To lose a child is simply not in the natural order of things. Death is never easy to deal with. We love our loved ones and it hurts when they leave this world to enter the eternal one. Some how though as we age, we know that sooner or later death is certain to come. So when our grand parents go, our parents even, we knew it was coming.

No amount of knowing can prepare you and yet somehow, some way it does make it bearable.

Tonight, when these two parents seen their son for the last time laying in that casket, well, it broke me.

It crushed me.

It opened something inside of me that I didn't know what there and it tore it apart. Pain ripped through me. Thoughts of every kind. Help them Jesus. Ease their pain. Oh God, I'm so glad it wasn't my child. What if it were. What would I do? How would I handle things.

The daddy, he trembled, he shook. He seen spots, he almost passed out. His family gathered around him and coached him and told him it would be okay. Really, I thought? Really? You have the audacity to stand there and say words to this man who just lost his only son to try and comfort him?

He groaned. "I want to go with him! I just want to go with him!" He cried. Me too I thought. Me too. If that were my baby laying there I'd want to go to.

The mom, barely holding it together herself, mustered enough strength to command her husband to sit up and breathe. They had a daughter to live for. They could do this.

Until they reached the casket.

They crumbled.

I've never in my life seen people break to core like this. They held their son, they yelled, they pleaded. They loved him so much. "He's cold. My baby is cold. Help me get him up. Help me get him out of here. I need to get him a blanket. Someone please! Help me y'all." His father cried. I trembled. I lost it. I went into that deep place that had been opened up and I hated it. What could I do, what could I say. How could I help?

"He's not here," I heard come out of my mouth, "He's with the Lord." Where did that come from? That reality that their son was gone on before them. He was with the Father. The realization sunk in. And yet I was so angry.

Why? Why did this have to happen. Why are there so many things we can't understand now. Why must we wait so long for answers. Will we ever get them?

Finally it was time to go. "Let me see my boy just one last time" they plead. God how could they endure. A family that has been through more tragedy in their lives than I've ever read in a novel. How did they keep their sanity.

Did they?

Or did they just exist now. Floating along in this place of numbness.

Will they ever recover?

Lord please, I pray, in Jesus precious name, strengthen them. Help them to keep their sanity. Amen.

 His sister at the memorial held the day before the funeral.
A Senior Class who lost a classmate that was loved by all. 

Life as we all know it will never be the same. 

Another memorial will be held tomorrow night 8/31/13 at 7pm at Dehart Park in Woolwine. Shane's ashes will be scattered among his friends and family. Please keep Patrick County in your prayers and especially the parents, sister, and family from this tragic loss. 

God be with us all. 

August 28, 2013

RIP Daniel Shane Rogers 8/28/13

I have no words to express the pain of losing a loved one. So much goes through your mind. The last time you saw them. The last thing you said. The hug you got. I love you Shane. I know that your heart will never hurt again. You are safe in the arms of our Savior. I'll never forget you.

Shane died tragically today in a logging accident. He was a Senior at PCHS. I was so proud of him. He was an honest, kind hearted young man. Full time student and full time worker. A young man of honor.

Roxy in the Wind

I love my baby girl. She will be 6 this November. She is rotten as they come. She loves to ride. I just know that she would love riding the bike, but we can't find a safe and secure way for her to ride. I wish I had someone to take a picture of the front of her face. I should have had my mirror turned. Hmmmm Maybe later this week.........

August 27, 2013

Showing Some Doxie Love

Suki Sue. I just love her eyes.

Suki and Slanky. Sweet Siblings

Different Edit

Aren't their colors gorgeous? He's a Dapple and she's a Double Dapple.

The Slank.
This was coming home from taking Meadow to her friend Kylie's today. Meadow walks to school with Kylie and the pups love to ride. What a mess they are! Growing up a storm too.

August 26, 2013

I Respect Myself

It was something that took me years to learn.
I'm thankful I did. 

August 25, 2013

Come Alive

What makes me alive? Besides the air I breathe?
 My husband.
I don't just say that. I mean it.
He is my rock. He keeps me stable and accountable.
His love is unconditional. When I see myself through his eyes, I see a different me than the one I see when I see through my eyes. He offers me protection and strength. He loves me in spite of all of my imperfections, sometimes I feel he loves me because of them. He doesn't seek to change me. He only wants me to be happy. He always considers me before himself. He expects so little.
I no longer take him for granted. I see him through new eyes. My love for him is so deep and my appreciation even deeper. The father he is, the responsibility he takes on, his faithfulness, his longsuffering, the man he is. He deserves so much more than me.

He doesn't feel that way though.
20 plus years. Can time really go by so fast? More of my life with him than without. I know no life without him. I never care to.
Tony Bowman, I love you. I'm so sorry for each and every mistake I've made. There are many things I would change if I could. But I can't. So I pray, everyday, that the Lord will continue to bond us closer and deepen our love that is growing and we see those days He has planned for us and that my mistakes never take you from me. I want to spend my life, alive, with you, and for you. I love you Mr. Bowman.
Thank-You Lord Jesus for my husband.

He helps me to come Alive! 

August 24, 2013

Loving Prey Model Raw

Well here is what 40lbs of chicken backs and 30lbs of turkey necks look like. I can honestly say I didn't realize how large turkey necks could be. These things must have been monster size turkeys!
Chicken Backs
Turkey Necks
Cut up Turkey necks and Chicken backs
Bagged and ready to feed.
My freezer is almost full. Just enough room for my orders of Green Tripe and Organ Meat to come in. I can't wait for hunting season. These little doggies are going to load up on deer meat! I need to find a way to get some raw fish at a fair price. Right now they are getting sardines once a week. These girls are going to be so healthy. I'm already seeing amazing differences in their smell, their breath, their teeth and their poop. :)

August 17, 2013

All on a Saturday Night

I worked today. My feet hurt. Ha! Lots of standing but that's definitely okay. Lord knows I need the exercise. I sure wish I could find that will I had a few years ago where I made healthier choices with my eating and I walked 4 miles a day at least 5 days a week. I love exercising but somehow I'm just too tired to get out there and DO anything.

It would help me in so many ways. How I feel, how I look, the things I can do. Help me pray about this one. It's a battle between my spirit and my flesh and I keep giving into my flesh.

So tonight I ponder. So many thoughts running through my head at one time. But you know, that's okay. Because that is me. I have nights like this. Late nights when I have early mornings the next day because I have to open and close the store. Yet, here I sit. Tonight I'll leave you with a visual. And who knows, maybe, just maybe, I'll fall asleep earlier than anticipated.

August 14, 2013

Prey Model Feeding

This is Suki. She is 12 weeks old. She is a Double Dapple Miniature Dachshund. She has been on the Prey Model Raw food way of eating for 3 weeks now. We started with chicken quarters cut up. She loved it from her first meal. This week we added chicken liver one day. This caused her stools to loosen but not to diarrhea. I think she handled it well. She certainly loved it.

Of course you know the second doggie pictured here, is Roxy, our Shih Tzu and she is 7 years old. It took her a few days to adjust to eating raw. Now she is flourishing. I can't wait until we've passed a 4 month point and I can share before and after pictures. I'm so hoping that this diet is going to show in these doggies skin care, teeth, and breath.

This morning we added in ground deer. This is a goody I have had in my freezer for a while. Both Suki and Roxy LOVED it. They devoured it first and then ate the chicken. I'm hoping their tummy systems tolerate it well. Here are a few pictures for you to enjoy. I love watching them eat raw. I truly know I'm doing what is best for my babies!



August 13, 2013

Just a Closer Walk with Thee

I work on top of the mountain. In the Blue Ridge Mountains. It's beautiful. The drive is so peaceful. I look forward to my time at this quaint little store. The spirit there is so sweet. I'll post some pictures soon. We make goodies weekly like all kinds of different fudges and homemade fried pies. We have fresh produce and neat gifts. My family is really eating good and I must say healthier since my employment at this special place. Each month or so we listen to a different cd. My first month there we heard Johnny Cash. Other employees, especially the youngins, tire of hearing the older music. I never do. It's therapy for my soul. I believe I've mentioned this before. We made a change, and now it is Patsy Cline's voice that fills the store. How I love her voice and her songs. It's very nostalgic. For me though it brings back my grandmother, Nannie as I called her, Louise West. How I miss her. Her coy jokes and sweet voice. How she loved to sing.
Today, this is the song the Lord has laid upon my heart. It means a lot to me for many different reasons. It was also the song we sang on my, "Walk to Emmaus." I never hear it and not remember that time in my life. I was so bound. I was saved but did not know deliverance. Since then I've been set free from so many of my past bondages. This song represents so much in my life and my own struggles. My favorite version is sung by no other than Patsy Cline herself. I hope you enjoy. The words ring true for me every time I  hear this.

I am weak, but Thou art strong;
Jesus, keep me from all wrong;
I’ll be satisfied as long
As I walk, let me walk close to Thee.
Just a closer walk with Thee,
Grant it, Jesus, is my plea,
Daily walking close to Thee,
Let it be, dear Lord, let it be.
Through this world of toil and snares,
If I falter, Lord, who cares?
Who with me my burden shares?
None but Thee, dear Lord, none but Thee.
When my feeble life is o’er,
Time for me will be no more;
Guide me gently, safely o’er
To Thy kingdom shore, to Thy shore.

August 8, 2013

Adventures with Treyton

We started our morning out with McDonald's! And then followed that with Chuck E Cheese! We had the best day! Heaven is 28 weeks and had to go to her midwife. She had to do the sugar test among other things. So, Treyton and I took advantage of some free time. After we picked Heaven up from her appointment we went on into Roanoke to enjoy the rest of our day. We had a blast.

August 7, 2013


This is my old blog header. I miss some of my old styles. My family has changed so much since this was made.

August 6, 2013

Pappy, Treyton and the Motorcycle

This kid loves to ride. Poor ole Pappy had been working since 3:30 am this morning. He was tired and wore out. He had already made it in the house, ate, took his shoes and socks off, and sat down to relax for the evening. Then Treyton says, "Pappy, we motorcycle men, let's ride the motorcycle!" How could a tired Pappy say no? Mimi came out with her cell phone to take pictures. The laughter you can't hear in the photos brought sheer joy to my heart. Seeing the look of the awesome rush he felt flying up the road and listening to the roar of the bike made him feel like he was on a rollercoaster I'm sure. His face glowed! Moments like this are priceless. If you look real close on this last picture you can see my Meadow ducking behind her daddy hiding from the camera. At 12 she didn't have her hair fixed or her make-up on and did not want her picture on Facebook or Blogger. God is good.