November 10, 2013

Romantic Interlude

I had a stressful few days. Lots of tension, my oldest is wore out and tired from her newborn. This Mimi is exhausted as well. So my hubby offered to sweep me off of my feet, taking me out of town to a little cabin with the best view, for a night alone. We started a fire. We laid on the couch and snuggled. We talked and we laughed like girlfriends. We had the best brunswick stew and lots of delicious comfort food. Stuffed, toasty and warm. I slept like a babe. He didn't rest well at all. He enjoyed the stay but his back makes it hard on him to sleep anywhere away from home.

We also took Roxy and Suki. They were so well behaved and we all had quality time together.
The fire.


Our View. So beautiful!

I also want to express how blessed I am to have such great friends. I have one special girl that lets us use her special place that I like to refer to as Paradise on the Mountain Top.  I stood out on the rocks you can't see in the photo above and I lifted my arms to praise my Lord. His presence was there. Our time was golden. I love my husband, his heart, and his efforts. We watched movies together like Dances with Wolves, Young Guns, Due Date, A Week with Marilyn Monroe and some Stevie Nicks. 

This ole girl can't wait until next time.............

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Debra Seiling said...

It sounds like the perfect get-a-way. You have a very thoughtful husband. Debbie Seiling