May 15, 2007

Time Travelers Tuesday

Reading through some blog pages from Bluebird Blogs I came across My Life as Annie. I thought how neat it would be to participate in looking back on my life at 18. So here it goes....

Eighteen. 18. That sure seems like a lifetime ago. For me that was in September of 1989. How lost and in the world I was. I was definitely looking for love in all the wrong places. I was on my own...well I should say not living at home with mom and dad. I had dropped out of high school repeating the tenth grade. I had fallen for the wrong guy but wouldn't admit it. I thought I could fix the world. I had great ambitions and huge plans that I just knew would take form soon. I thought I knew it all. *sigh* Little did I know how far off I was from truly knowing anything! I found myself pregnant with my oldest daughter that December. I was ecstatic and yet ashamed inside at the same time. My family had spoken for years that I would be the first grandchild pregnant only I had held out on them and it came much later than the predicted 14. I held my head up and determined that I would be the very best mother that I could be to my child. My my long ago.....I battled depression, suicide, self worthlessness and also spent five years of my life in an abusive relationship. I don't remember the styles or the most popular songs but I do remember where my God brought me from! The Lord used my daughter to show me His love for me and I named her Heaven to remind us always of where we would spend our eternity. I praise God for forgiveness, redemption and deliverance!!! Woohooo! Because He set me free and filled me with joy, a desire to live and to serve and He showed me that I am the righteousness of Him in Christ Jesus! 2 Corinthians 5:21 The Lord led me to the one He had waiting for me and He restored me. I did go back and get my GED and I also graduated from college with my Associates Degree in Business Management. The Lord led me to homeschool my children and to be there for them as I knew my mom had so desperately wanted to be there for me. So here we are living in VICTORY! Thank-You Dear Heavenly Father, Dear Lord Jesus, Holy Spirit.

If you know what its like to be where I was in pain and on the wrong path I want you to know that there is a better way. The Father sent His only Son Jesus~the Word made flesh....Jesus~ Son of the Living God, Jesus~born of the virgin Mary, to die on the cross to save us from our sins, to be crucified a sinless innocent man to save us~you and I. Oh what a price that was paid! He rose three days later...God raised Him from the dead, freeing Him from the agony of death, because it was impossible for death to keep a hold on Him! Acts 2:24 All you have to do is go to Him prayer, cry out to the Father, Oh Abba Father, to YOUR Father in the name of Jesus. It is as easy as ABC....A...Admit you are a sinner, hopeless with no good thing in you without Christ, B...Believe in Him John 3:16 " For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life." C...Confess your sins to Him, pour your heart out to Him and ask Him to forgive you. Receive His forgiveness being sure to forgive yourself so that the enemy cannot use your past to accuse you. Seek the Lord, find fellowship with like believers, read God's Word it is your food, food for your spirit now. Build your relationship with Christ. Ask for guidance and understanding. Begin the journey with the Lord so that one day your ears will hear, "Well done my good and faithful servant!" Matthew 25:21 Live in Victory my friend! Whom the Lord has set Free is Free Indeed!

John 8:36 If therefore the Son shall set you free, ye shall be really free.


Anonymous said...

Dear Jenileigh,

Thank you for sharing your testimony. It is touching, inspiring, and brings hope to all.

Beautifully written from a beautiful person.

Thank you Jenileigh.

Dianna J.
(from HomeschoolChristian)

annie said...

What a beautiful testimony Jenileigh. Thank you for sharing it and also thanks for playing along this week for TTT.

I just read your comment on Izzy's story, thank you for taking time to read it and opening your heart to Izzy. Your prayers and faith are so appreciated.