May 16, 2007

Oh No She Didn't!!

Yesterday was a wonderful day. At first I really didn't know if I wanted to blog for the world to read or if I would keep it private. Dh is so impressed with my blog page though he encouraged me to share it with the world and so I did. After sending out the link I wondered to myself, "Now what do I do if I want to share something that I don't want everyone reading?" Naw, that won't happen...right? Wrong! It didn't take long for the story to unfold. So if you will picture this with me......

Sunshiny beautiful day, birds chirping, bees buzzing, flowers blooming and Meadow my dear little five year spashing in her pool. Her friend Nikki who is four came over to play with Meadow in her pool. We all took turns throughout the day keeping an eye on them. They were determined to splash every bit of water out the pool and we just laughed and let them have at it. What fun! We noticed after a little while that little Meadow had snuck out past the dog's house and had pulled her bathing suit down and was *gasp* squatting to pee! Dh said, "Jen, are you going to let her do that? The whole neighborhood can see." How funny that he asked if *I* were going to let her do that like he had no input on the matter. Well I just smiled and said, "Yes dear, it'll be fine, if she were your son you would encourage this behavior wouldn't you?? Let's just let her squat!" (After all we are country girls and a country girls gotta do what a country girls gotta do!)

Well the fever caught and before we knew it Nikki had joined Meadow in squatting around the yard. How funny to see them running from corner to corner of the yard peeing a little here and a little there. It reminded me of the movie Doc Hollywood with Michael J Foxx where he goes to the country and meets the girl who goes around in the woods and pees everywhere to keep the deer away so that the hunters can't kill em. Dh says they looked like they were marking their territory! LOL!

Well the day wore long and the water had long left the pool when little Nikki came crying through the front door. She said, "Meadow peed on me!" And I thought WHAT?!? "How did she do that Nikki??" and she replied very calmly at this point,"She peed in a cup and poured it on my head." I wailed,"OH NO SHE DIDN'T!!!" I was disgraced, ashamed, humiliated and left with mouth gaped open wondering how in the world this had happened? MY daughter? NO WAY!?! Not my little Meadow, surely not....but alas....Meadow comes through the door with her head hung low. "Yes momma, I did it and I don't know why." So she apologized to Nikki, I had Sky put Nikki in the shower and Meadow and I went to the bedroom. I explained what I knew she already knew about how we don't dare do things like this and then we kneeled and she repented and asked the Lord for forgiveness and then she took her spanking.

Well little Nikki didn't want Meadow in trouble. She came and got me and looked up at me with those big brown pouty eyes and said, "It's ok Meadow poured pee on me, my momma don't care, I use to pour pee on my head all the time when I was little." I replied, "Oh No You Didn't!" What a friend. What a moment. Thank God for forgiveness and for great friends!

(And *I* can't believe I just blogged this story!)


§wanny said...

LOL, what a hoot!!! You handled it with grace and love! What a mom!

GREAT looking blog by the way~

Irritable Mother said...

My daughter is looking at me asking me why I'm laughing. Do I really tell her it's because a little girl peed in a cup and poured it on another little girl's head??? This is too funny. And it's what being a mom is all about. Perfect for blogging!
So often I find myself in the midst of a frustrating or embarrassing situation and I think, "This will make a great blog entry!"
Thanks for sharing!
And thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you'll be back.