August 21, 2011

August 15, 2011

Let's Go Time's a Wasting

My first week back on track I got in 10 miles, my second week I got in 6 miles and 2 hours of aerobics. I'm working on this week. I'm still not eating as healthy as I should but I am eating considerably less most of the time and the It Works Thermo Fit and Greens are fabulous.

The girls had a virus last week but are recuperating. 

School has started back again and we are in the midst of the end of our Summer. I so love Mondays because I'm off and I always catch up on Mondays and love returning to work on Tuesdays looking forward to another Friday. :)

Been real busy and I haven't been able to blog as frequently as I like but wanted to check in.

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August 1, 2011

My Weight Loss Battle Goes On

Ok, I'm sharing this to hopefully keep me accountable. Today I started my Greens and Ultimate Thermofit from It Works. BUT I know that no product in the world is going to cure my battle alone. I am walking again. 
2 miles yesterday, 2 miles today. 
I'm signing up for the 5k in Stuart. 
I'm drinking water. 
I've cut out all diet soda. 
As far as dieting I'm not going there yet. I think this is enough change for my beginning. I hate this battle but what I hate even more is giving up. I'm miserable and my back hurts. I've gained 40lbs since November last year. I want that 40lbs gone. I want my focus to be on my health and not how skinny I'd like to be. I also plan to start Estro Rhythm to attack some night sweats, memory loss and other things that menopause brings on. 
If you have not heard of It Works before go to my web site and read. It lists all products and there are videos to explain each product, along with testimonials. This is wonderful stuff. I've had several friends completely change their lives by changing their lifestyle and using It Works products. 
It Works! With Jenileigh