March 6, 2008


We first seen this drama on You Tube. It was called Everything by Life House. In this first picture you see my daughter Heaven who is playing someone who meets Jesus. Jesus is played by our dear friend Mel he is in the purple.

Jesus dances with her and shows her many beauties that He has created.
Jesus knows her every move and never leaves her.
I love the expression on her face here.
Notice how they move together.

It's joy spending time with Jesus.

But then satan steps in.

Mimicking Jesus, offering lies.

You think its the same but deep inside you know it isn't.

Pretending to love but abandoning you leaving you broken and alone.

Here the temptation of greed and money step in.
This part is played by Austin our pastor's son.

Teasing you always being within your reach...

Yet never close enough for you to grasp.

It's a horrible struggle searching after riches.

And in steps alcohol.
Played by one of our youth Balei.

Pretending to be your friend.

Now this is vanity. She is making you feel like you aren't pretty enough.
Vanity is played by my middle daughter Sky.

Vanity focuses you on your body and how you compare.

Vanity leads to anorexia and bulimia.
I missed the picture that shows Heaven pretending to throw up.

So many of our girls deal with this on a daily basis.

This demon is played by Tommy. Suicide is his name.
He offers a knife and tempts her to cut.

Giving in she cuts.

He doesn't give up and eventually cutting isn't enough.
He offers the gun.

She wrestles within herself not wanting to give in.
She remembers the Jesus she once knew.

But how could she ever get back to him?

She throws the gun to the floor and plunges the demons trying to reach Jesus.

You know satan never wants to give up what you've given him.

She is determined to fight to find her way back to her Lord.
The picture doesn't show that Jesus is standing on the side intercessing for her.

They battle courageously against her.

This is war!!!

We fight this spiritual battle daily but its not always as plain to see.

Jesus steps in. Can you see the look of relief on her face?

She praises Him thanking Him for winning this battle.
Just remember she had to call on Him!!!
She had to choose Him!

And just like our loving God...

All is forgiven.

All is forgotten.

This drama in person is so powerful. There is a black light running during the battle to get back to Jesus and its very intense. Sometimes our daily struggles are just as intense as satan wars with us to tempt us and get us as far away from Christ as he can. Jesus is always there though, waiting for us to repent and turn our hearts back to Him! He never leaves nor forsakes us.
Where are you? Are you as close as you should be or have you wandered away?
Don't wait. Return to Him now.


Penless Thoughts said...

Powerful drama. Thanks for showing these stills step by step.

annie said...

I love that skit. I've watched it on Godtube many times. It looks like they did a wonderful job!!! It moves me to tears everytime I watch it.

Jennifer said...

How wonderful! I have a dream of doing this at our church, too. I am the drama director and I, too, have watched it many times on Godtube.

Please pray concerning the following: I am commmenting to as many bloggers as possible about the situation that has recently risen over homeschooling here in California. A serious threat has been made to the legality of homeschooling and who can and can't. It is a scary thing, yet God is so much bigger than some judges in a courtroom. Please first begin to pray that homeschooling will remain as it has been here in California, and that this will be dealt with quickly without families coming under undo attack or litigation. Visit HSLDA's website for information and to sign the petition as well. Thank you and God Bless, Jennifer

Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

I am a first time visitor to your blog.
I really like this play by play of the skit. I have never seen it before. It looks very powerful.

Amy said...

I have viewed this on God tube many times, but man I can only imagine how powerful it would be in person. Years ago when i was 21 I went to see Strike Force, whom also preformed a skit like this one. I was so broken down by it and realized what we are up againist daily spiritually. The Lord tugged on my heart so hard that within the next few days I excepted him as my Savior! Praise God, that was 13 years ago.

Jenileigh said...

Looking back on this I really miss being in church and having my children in a youth program. It has got to be a priority for us now and for our Meadow.