March 28, 2008

Shopping Day

My girlfriend Kim and I took my oldest daughter Heaven and her girlfriend shopping for Prom dresses this afternoon. It sure can be stressful. I learned a few things today that I didn't know before because I never had the opportunity to go to Prom. I learned that dresses do not look the same on as they do on the hanger. I learned that my daughter and I have completely different had I missed that before? I learned that dress shop owners are excellent sales people and that you should be better prepared before entering! And finally I learned not to schedule three hours for Prom dress hunting and make an appointment for dog training! What a hoot!

I had Roxy (my Shih Tzu) an appointment for grooming at 5. We dropped her off with all intentions of being back by 8 for our training class. We barely made it back before nine which is when they close!

Heaven and Kelley both found dresses! Yay! What a load off! Heaven also found shoes. So now all she'll need is a purse/bag/clutch thing, hair and nail appointments and a tan! Whew! I had to leave the dress there for alterations but I will post pictures sometime in April. Alterations take a little over two weeks. I'll post pictures of the dress alone and then I'll post pictures of the dress on Heaven. I can't believe the difference!

I wanted Heaven to go poofy but she had other ideas. The lady at the dress store whispered to me, "Mom, no she (meaning Heaven) needs to like dress." I knew then I need to back off a little and remain quiet. It was so hard for me! I do love the dress on her but it sure wasn't my style.

I can't believe she is going to be 18 in August and leaving for college soon. I have spent the better part of the last two years mourning over this but you know, I think I'm finally to the point that I'm happy for her. She knew how insecure I was and one day she nonchalantly mentioned just getting a job, staying home and going to the local community college. I was shocked. I asked her what brought that on and she replied, "I'm just a little worried about you mom." I knew then I was holding on too tight. Its just so hard to let go. I put my foot down and told her absolutely not, she would go and fulfill the call God has on her life. You should have seen her smile. So now it truly does bring me joy to know she is reaching for her goals...I do still shed a few tears though, especially late at night like now.

On the way home from the mall tonight Meadow started vomiting. I guess she has picked up the virus that Heaven had. We are suppose to be attending Battle Cry Recreate this weekend, like leaving early tomorrow and now the sitter I had lined up has backed out because she has small children. I understand but I'm lost at what to do now. I've thought of taking her with me. I know Tony will not have me staying here with her because its suppose to be a family thing and we've already spent the money on tickets and a hotel room. Please pray that she feels better tomorrow and that I do not catch this thing!

Have a blessed and wonderful Friday everyone!


Shari said...

It must be so hard that your daughter has grown up. My oldest child is only 14, but I've already started thinking about it coming in 4 years and I start tearing up.

annie said...

I guess we'll be doing the prom shopping thing soon. Amanda usually won't pick anything and insists I pick for her. They are all different.

DebMc said...

It is hard to let go, but, believe me, the joy you will experience when Heaven stretches her wings and flies is incredible. Look forward to it!

Penless Thoughts said...

Glad the dress is found and look forward to seeing it.

Father God in Jesus name I pray for Jenileigh and her daughter that both are well and that the trip as plan occurs. We tell satan to just "back off" you will not interfer and destroy the plans of God. In Jesus precious, precious name I pray. Amen
PS ENJOY!!!!!!

Da-Red-Head said...

I just wanted to stop by & thank you for praying for the families of my friend & her sister who were killed in the car accident. It means so much to have others praying. Thank you!

Mississippi Songbird said...

My daughter and I have completely different tastes. I will think something is beautiful, and she thinks it
She's not even a teen yet..
Glad you found the dresses...

Anonymous said...

What a fun day shopping for a prom dress! Yes those tears come, but what a good mom you are to let her seek God's plan for her life. I will be letting one of my chicks leave the nest for good this summer, to get married.. and start his life new with his bride. That makes me tear up!
I pray that you were all healthy and got to enjoy the weekend!

We are THAT Family said...

Oh, I you hope were able to go and that your daughter is feeling better. That nasty stuff always hits at the worst times and it's really going around right now!

Btw, I moved my blog to a new home.

Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

I so remember dress shopping with my mom for Prom. We are very close, but guess what? We didn't have the same taste either. It was not only an all day thing, it was a multiple day thing. Be glad you got it done in one day.
I can't imagine my kids being that old, but I know it's around the corner.