March 17, 2008

Roxy is growing so fast!

Isn't she gorgeous?!
Roxy is like a new baby in our home.

She is obeying the command, Down.

I love to see Roxy running. She just floats across the ground.

Standing still.

All in all Roxy is doing great. She likes to play and sometimes nips you and she becomes very excited when company arrives. I am taking her to training once a week and having her groomed while there. I know the more time I spend teaching her the more obedient she will be. Its funny because right now at home I can get her to do every one of her tricks but when there are distractions she completely ignores me. I'm hoping as she outgrows the puppy stage this will change.


annie said...

She is so cute!!!

Penless Thoughts said...

Adorable and very loved!!!

Lisa said...

How adorable, I have always wanted one of them!

gina said...

She is adorable.

chickadee said...

what a cutie!