September 23, 2013

Me and Little Man

I love this picture of us. It was Friday night at the fair and my husband Tony and his group, Almost There, were playing. We had gone to listen to them but Treyton was tired of waiting and wanted to go and ride at the fair. So his Mimi snuck him out and we went and rode some rides! He was happier after the picture was taken! Being a grandmother beats anything else in the world.

My Heaven is due October 31st. She is 5 weeks now. I'm excited to see how far she is going to go. Her friend Mandy gave birth at 37 weeks yesterday.

Oh Happy Day!

Oh and later that fair day, much later after this picture was taken, Treyton and I had our faces painted. Check this out!
We had so much fun!


Debra Seiling said...

Dear Jenileigh,

There's nothing quite the same as seeing through the eyes of a grandchild. Isn't it the best!!! Debbie Seiling

Jenileigh said...

It certainly is Debbie!