December 9, 2008

Prayers needed

My brother was driving one car and a 17 yo girl the other. There is a place down the road from me where there is a weird hill. Coming from one direction you sort of pop up over the hill and there is no way to see if someone is turning right past the hill. Coming the opposite direction all you can see is the hill, you can't even see head lights at night. My brother was turning the girl was coming over the hill and they hit head on.

They had to cut my brother out with the jaws of life. They air lifted both of them to an equipped hospital. The accident happened around 9:30 Sunday night. The airlift location here just happens to be in my back yard *literally*. I did get to be with him before they got him on the helicopter.

My brother's most severe injury thus far is facial lacerations. He had to have around 7 hours of surgery with a plastic surgeon. He is awaiting an examination from the ENT to look at his nose. The great news is that there is no brain contusions, bumps, swelling or bruising and his neck, spinal cord, back, lungs and stomach are fine.

I spent time with him before he went into surgery. Let's just say the whole ordeal was shocking and draining.

God's hand has already been seen in this many times. The fact that she came out with minor bruises and abrasions is a miracle! My brother too is a living miracle. There have been many accidents and deaths at this location and we are praying that the county will step in and DO something to make this area safe.

Pray that my brother's face and body continue to heal and pray the same for the other victim. Pray that the Lord keep His hand upon my brother leading him closer to Jesus.


Penless Thoughts said...

Oh Jenileigh I'm so very sorry to hear this. Praying for sure.

annie said...

Praise God for no brain injuries and for the miracle of life. Prayers for a quick recovery! God is the great physician!

Tiffany Stuart said...

So sorry to hear about this accident. How scary!

Heavenly Father, please come and touch Jenileigh's brother with your healing hand. Allow his facial surgery to heal quickly. I pray for minimal scarring and full facial movement. I lift up the other driver who is recovering. May she continue to heal. I praise you for sparing their lives. I praise you for no brain damage or vital organs damaged. Please show yourself mighty on their behalf. Use this accident for Your good. May it be a time of deep intimacy with You. Comfort all those affected. We love you, In Jesus name amen.

marky said...

Jenileigh..I am so sorry.. Praying for all involved!

Samantha said...

I will sure be praying for your brother, Thank the Lord for miracles!! My daddy had an accident last year an had a brain injury and had to have a blood clot removed from his brain. His right side was paralyzed. They flew him to Holston Valley at Kingsport TN. And they gave us no hope( he was only 44 yrs.old) so I walked to the chapel in the hospital I fell to my knees, I know everyone in the hospital heard me crying and praying. But I felt the Lord and I felt that comfort come over me and I knew it would be ok. They said he would never talk agian, he started talking, slow at first but it got better now hw is talking good. Then they said he would never walk agian, so we went to rehab with him now with the help of a cane he can walk! I am sorry to write so much to you but I just want to share with you what the Lord did for me and give him the glory for it. My daddy has seizures pretty bad right now but I am so thankful that he with me. The Lord is miracle maker!!