October 1, 2008

I'm here

I've just been very busy and honestly haven't had a lot to blog about. I thought I would mention that my sil hasn't asked or let me keep Aiden in two weeks. I was looking at my pictures of him below and I really miss him. I'll bet he's growing up a storm. She mentioned that I may be able to keep him Monday. I hope so. I love having him here. He is such a doll!

The girls are faring pretty well in school. Sky has had a few incidents with two different girls and I have to admit it concerns me. After homeschooling for 7 years I'm in no way use to this and therefore have no experience in how to deal with it either. So far both situations have worked themselves out but I'm not a happy momma. I'm seriously considering bringing them back home the next school year. Of course its too early to be making these decisions now.

Things at church are going really well, I LOVE teaching my class. Tonight they all greeted me with so much love and excitement. They depend on me, and that feels good. They listen to me, and that amazes me! I love sharing Jesus with them. We are getting in gear to start the Christmas program and I'm praying about whether or not to help with this.

How are all of you?


Bobbi said...

I have an award for you over at my blog! Thanks for always checking in! love ya!

annie said...

That's great that you enjoy your class, I'm sure they enjoy you very much!
We're fine. I'm up with Izzy at 3 a.m. not sure why. She woke up crying and I am rocking her.

Tiffany Stuart said...

Glad God is blessing your teaching. And sad to know there are school issues. I've had my fair share of them and they've tested my character and challenged me to teach my kids to do what Jesus would do. Not always easy. And there have been moments where Momma Bear came out growling.

God loves you and is watching over your girls. You can trust Him.