October 14, 2008

The Valleys are Full of His Grace

The Valleys Are Full Of His Grace
It is not on the mountaintops
of gigantic breakthroughs
where we learn to live for God's glory.
But rather,
it's the valley of the mundane trenches
where we live out our everyday story.
And it's there in the ordinary
that we seek what is higher

and where we humble our hearts before Him.
For it's walking by faith
for our own unique issues
and seeking God as each one begins.
It's learning to pray without ceasing each day
and not giving up when answers don't come.
And it's learning to praise God
through good times &
and not just when a victory is won.
It's learning to endure the hardships of life
while realizing they all make you look up.
And it's learning to live with the stresses of the
day while drinking from sovereignty's cup.
It's living with the things that challenge your
beliefs yet cause faith & certainty to swell.
For it's not the " great times"....but rather the
adversities that create the faith-stories we tell.
And we'll never enjoy the breakthroughs and
successes still we've struggled
with every challenge
to face.
For there's victory on the mountaintops
to relish for the moment
but the valleys are
full of His grace.

(Not sure who the author is.)


Jesus, My Best Friend said...

i love it! so fitting isn't it? i'm Praying for you and i love you dearly even though i've never met u! and i love your page layout. did u do it yourself?

Jenileigh said...

No, Rebecca did it, her button is the last button in the left hand column. Hugs Alesha, I love you too! You are in my prayers girl!