September 3, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

This is Aiden. Please keep this little fella in your prayers. His mommy is in prison. My sister in law met her while she was doing some time and they bonded. She had no one to take him and he would have gone into foster care. Now my sister in law is taking care of him and I really believe that it is helping her, plus we get to help too! Thank-you for your prayers for him and his mommy.

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Juliana RW said...

poor him. I hope he will become tough and good boy later

I hope you stop at my WW post also at: cool paited or ice city Thanks

Sharon said...

My first thought when seeing the picture was "OH, how precious"! And a moment later, after reading your caption, I felt so sorry for him and lifted a little prayer on his behalf. Thanks for sharing, and Happy WW!

annie said...

I did prison ministry in a women's prison for five years. I was heart broken at all the kiddos left behind when their mamas went to prison. So sad. I'll be praying for him, a lot of women in that situation really "find" God. I pray his mama does too.

Anonymous said...

So cute! Will be praying.

Happy WW!