November 18, 2009


Yesterday I went to my mother in laws and canned 14 quarts of deer. Meadow loves to help and that amazes me. Sky won't come near the deer meat! Meadow helped cut the deer meat up and pack it into the jars. I love having her help. Meemaw loved having our help too.

My sister in law came over with baby Aiden and spent the night with us last night. We all had such a good time. We watched the biggest loser, cooked dinner, cleaned up, reminisced and laughed most of the night.

It felt good.

Spending time with family and doing work that is enjoyable and rewarding.

Bringing those quarts of deer home and putting them in the cabinets felt so good. Sometimes being a stay at home mom can leave you with feelings that you don't really work or contribute to the family in a financial way. I know I contribute, in many ways that money could never buy, but when I pay the bills and purchase things we need there are those times that I feel some sort of responsibility to bring in money.

I try to find ways, but any ideas that I've had take money to make money. Even homemade items take money to purchase supplies.

The deer we canned was given to us by a friend of Tony's that likes to hunt but doesn't like to eat deer. I'm hoping the Lord blesses us with a few more before winter is over.

I'm truly looking forward to the holiday season. Thanksgiving is just around the corner!


Susan said...

We were just give a deer. Very first time for us. Ours was frozen and we are blessed. Now I am learning to cook with it. So far, so good!!!

Jenileigh said...

Susan, so glad you are enjoying it! I was a little hesitant years ago but so many in Tony's family cook with it I've grown to love it. It saves us so much money too. Keep me informed if you find any fabulous recipes!

Allie said...

I have never in my life heard of canning deer. Tomatoes yes, rhubarb yes, but deer? Interesting.
We call my mom Meemaw too - how did that start at your house? My oldest couldn't say grandma, he said meemaw instead and it stuck.

Caleb said...

hey jennifer!! i haven't talked to you in forever! and you could cook desserts or something, cause your a pretty good cook! anyway i can't wait till thanksgiving either! for one thing its thanksgiving, i mean FOOD right! and also its my birthday, one day before thanksgiving, i wish the house was done so that yall and everyone else could just come to our house that would be fun! anyway i love ya and miss you, talk to you later, bye!!! :)

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