December 29, 2011

It Has Come and Gone

Christmas was wonderful. It's sad without my nannie and papa. This was my first Christmas without the both of them. It's hard letting go but I know that one day I will see them again. I think of them together  in heaven cheering us on and being so proud of the large family they created. They really taught us the meaning of family.

My sister came in from the beach and everyone was in the Christmas spirit. We loved, hugged, cried and celebrated. Priceless moments and I am so thankful for each and everyone of them.

Mom and dad got Tony and I a special gift and we get to go and enjoy the New Year's together alone in an all expense paid hotel room for a night with dinner and breakfast included. I thought it was the best gift of all. Tony and I don't always get to spend that alone time together with our work, school and family schedules.

My little Treyton has been a sick boy this week. I only had to work Tuesday and Wednesday, so my other days are spent with him and the girls. Heaven took Trey to the dr. today and he had an ear infection in both ears and pneumonia. He is spending the night with  me tonight because his mommy has to work tomorrow. He fell asleep around eleven but woke up around 1:30 coughing so hard he strangled. The little booger is still up!  Hopefully when we go down again he will sleep in tomorrow. We shall see. I'm keeping Pedialite in him because he has no appetite. I've had a pot of pinto beans cooking with a ham bone all day. Well actually Tony has! Trey has eaten a few bites of beans but not enough to count. Please pray for his speedy recovery. Thank-you.

I forgot to update about my school. I did pass my Algebra 1. I was so excited to discover this. I had 2 A's, a B and a pass. We don't get grades for Algebra classes because they are still considered developmental class so it's a pass or fail. So beginning the new year I'll be taking Algebra 2, English 112, Human Anatomy and Physiology 2 and ITE (which is a computer class.) Another full-time semester. I'm looking forward to it though. Once I get through this semester Chemistry will be my last required class before I can apply to the Dental Hygiene program. I have a few other classes that I will take to lighten my load once I'm accepted but all the required classes will be finished. I plan to take Chemistry alone during the summer so I'll have a light load and a bit of break. I'm surely enjoying my break now. Classes do not resume until the 9th.

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