December 13, 2011

Almost Ready

I'm almost ready for Christmas! How about you? I only have a few final things to pick and I'm all done. I do plan to make an Italian Cream Cake for Christmas. It is my favorite cake of all time. My sweet grandma Rieson use to make this cake every year for my mom. I have her recipe and it's simply divine. I usually make it round but this year I'd like to find two square cake pans and make it square. I think they are so beautiful in different shapes and layers.

My exams are over and from what I've figured I've got two A's, one B. The only bad thing is that I think I'm going to have to either a.) retake Algebra 1 or b.) try to retest the first of the year. I only missed by a few points. It's a pass or fail class, you don't get a grade and that's why I'm not exactly sure what I got but by my calculations it's a retake. Of course I'm disappointed but I'm pressing through. I will pass all needed classes to enter my program!

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