December 11, 2009

It's Beginning to Look Alot Like Christmas

I love the cold! We have our house all warm, cozy and decorated. Our Christmas shopping is almost finished, just a few odds and ends left to finish things off. AND the baking has begun!!!

Sky is having her sleep over tonight. She just turned 14.

Meadow is sleeping over at a friend's house.

Tony is sleeping right now!

I figured I'd take the opportunity to blog while I had the peace and quiet.

I think one of the main reasons that I am so excited about this holiday season is that the Lord has answered so many prayers for us this year. I can remember in the past dreading the holidays because of family disagreements. Some years Christmas was a complete disaster. This year on both sides of the family God has worked on hearts and changed people and it means so much to know that as we all come together to celebrate the birth of Christ, that Christ has worked miracles and brought us all close together.

I see the joy this brings Tony's mom and my parents too. I love seeing my mom and dad happy and content and I know for most parents one of the greatest gifts that they could receive is their children getting along and being happy. I'm very thankful for this.

I'm very thankful this year. I'm thankful that my family is close and that Tony and I are getting along and continuing to grow in our love. I see so many marriages around us failing. I am thankful that the Lord has called me to be the mother I am, staying at home with my children and homeschooling them. I see so many mothers neglecting their children and the effects of it are heartbreaking. I'm thankful that our schooling is going well and both girls are excelling, I see parents that sit back and do nothing with their children's education and I see them fall through the cracks.

I'm reminded often of what I was and how I done things myself before the Lord so graciously stepped in and changed me. I praise Him for His mercy and grace. Without Him, I am nothing.

Now the one thing I have left to do is to find a day that all of my family can get together so that we can have a family portrait made. I don't want to go to Sears or anything, I have a friend that takes great pictures and I'm hoping I can work something out with her where we can have a picture made that I can use for Christmas cards. Time has really snuck up on me and I'm hoping I'll be able to get them done. Next year I'm going to plan ahead! This year has been really busy. Tony has done a few Santa gigs and we've been remodeling.

Tomorrow is the parade, I've not decided if we are going or not. I guess it all depends on how we all feel tomorrow. Our church's Christmas dinner is Sunday evening and we have three turkeys to bake.

Christmas will be here before you know it.


Allie said...

You like the cold? It was 14 here this morning, trade ya! The only time I get warm is when I have a hot flash. And they don't come as often as they do in summer.

Enjoy the season, sweetie-pie - I'm so thankful for you, and for your faithfulness to the Lord. You inspire me in so many ways!~

VIOLETA said...
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Jenileigh said...

Allie you are too kind to me! Thank-you. HUGs