October 26, 2012

Prayers for Landri Dee

This is my second cousin Landri Dee. She calls me aunt Jennifer and I call her my niece. She is 7 years old. Please keep my sweet lady bug Landri in your prayers. She needs God's healing. The Dr.s found a tangerine sized tumor at the base of her skull. She had surgery to remove the tumor on Wednesday this week. It was attached to her brain stem. She had a sinus infection when they done surgery. Ordinarily they would not have done surgery until the sinus infection was gone but this was too urgent. They believe all of the tumor is gone. They are waiting for the test results on the tumor. They believe they got the whole tumor and we are trusting in Jesus it is gone! Her complication now are her lungs. Please pray she heals and can breathe fully and normally on her own. Her swallowing reflex is not working so they are contemplating a feeding tube. She will have to relearn to talk and walk. Please share this. I want as many people as possible praying for her. Thank you so much my dear prayer warriors
This is the Jone's family. 
Jesse, Jennifer, Drayden and Landri
Missing are brothers Devin and Dylan and sister Leah.

This is Landri at her 7th Birthday party in September

This is Landri after surgery.

This is Dylan and Landri

This is the scripture that the Lord laid on my heart to pray for Landri. 
Mark 5:41 "Taking her by the hand her said to her, 'talitha kumi,' which means, 'little girl, I say to you, arise.'"


Jenileigh said...

Feeding tube is now in.

Jenileigh said...

Landri is out of ICU and have moved hospitals for therapy. Radiation hasn't started yet.

Jenileigh said...

Her patho came back clean. God has healed Landri. No radiation will be necessary. Hallelujah!