August 25, 2008

Tomorrow is the Big Day

I can't believe it but Sky and Meadow are going to start school tomorrow at our local Christian school. I'm excited and nervous at the same time. After seven years of homeschooling this is going to be a major change for me and for them. Meadow is already pleading with me to continue to homeschool her but I think that is just a tinge of fear. This year the school is trying a new schedule and they will only have to go to school 4 days a week. Monday-Thursday. They will have every Friday off. This leaves me a day for dentist and doctors appointments so hopefully they won't have miss much school at all.

I know that the girls are going to enjoy and benefit from this little school. I'm not as emotional as I thought I would be. The tears haven't came as I expected, just a simple peace. I feel so right about our decision. I'm so thankful for that.

Here are a few pictures from the end of the last school year. We went and tried out the Christian school and these pictures are from a field trip. They are very reassuring to me that this is going to be a good thing for them.

They do look like they are having fun don't they?

P.S. There are pictures up of Heaven's mission trip in South Africa on our ministry blog if you would like to see them click below.

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Penless Thoughts said...

It will be a good and wonderful experience for ALL of you.

marky said...

Oh I hope that they have a wonderful first day!! and great year!
We don't have peace with our decision and my dd has been begging me to PLEASE homeschool one more year. I may concede and try to figure out a way. We don't have a private school nearby, but yours sounds very good!
Blessing to the girls tomorrow and hugs to you!

Tiffanie said...

Blessings on the first day of school! Hope it goes well for all!

I homeschool but my oldest goes to classes once week... and I cry on the first day.

Becoming Me said...

Wow...what a big change...but an exciting one. Cute pix.

Jen @ One Moms World said...

I'm so glad you are blogging again. I have so missed your posts. It's been a crazy couple months here at home as well. (((HUGS))) girl and it looks like your girls are going to have a terrific year. Keep us posted on how it is going!!