October 4, 2010

Remember my birthday?

It was just the other day. I was not going to share this but my oldest daughter insisted.

She had come to visit me that day and someone had walked through my front door calling, 'Hello..Hello, is there anyone home?' She greeted them to find that they were delivering a vase of flowers for me for my birthday. She brought them in to me and my facial expression didn't change. Um, who were they from I wondered? We read the card and it was from my precious sweet dear husband.

Most of you are going....awww.

Not me.

They were so ugly.

Here is what they looked like.

Well maybe I would not have thought that had it been a different occasion, but I was turning 39 this year. These were not the flowers I love. To me, they reminded me of a funeral arrangement. Getting ready to hit my 40's hasn't been easy for me either. They are orange asiatic lilies with a purple flower for garnish, a green vase with a burgundy ribbon. The lilies were not in full bloom yet, so they would have lasted a while but there was no smell. None. They looked like a fall flower and the burgundy just does not go with the orange and purple, the purple does not go with the orange. I just couldn't see paying money for this arrangement.

My hubby called and I tried so hard to pretend that I loved them. He asked me to send him a picture of them and that excited me because I just knew when he seen them he was going to see how ugly they were and call the florist. There had to be a mistake. He called later and told me that they were nice, and he asked me if they smelled good.

That is when I broke. "No," I answered, "They stink!"

Oh my.

So I went ahead and explained the dilemma and asked him if I could return them to the florist. He told me to go ahead.

I returned them to the florist and I know that lady thought I was crazy. She is actually a friend of mine. She said, "You actually told your husband that they were ugly?"

Well, I wasn't trying to be rude or ungrateful. I know that many of you are probably reading and would think that the gesture alone was enough. And it was. Sort of.

I knew what he meant to send but that particular florist couldn't get them in time. So I took my refunded money and went to the next town and purchased the flowers that I knew my sweet husband meant to send.

This is what I got. 

Now, those of you who know me and have been reading my blog from the beginning have to know what a flower lover I am. Every single blog design has been flower themed. From tulips to roses to fields of flowers. So just to let you know how picky I really am, I did not like the purple or red in this arrangement either.

Gasp! ( My family was not surprised!) 

I wanted pinks and whites. I love the babies breath, I love the pink roses and I adore the stargazer lilies but I didn't understand why the florist insisted on adding the rest.

So there this what I did. 

I separated the arrangement into two arrangements. I pulled all of the red, purple and some white out to create a different vase. It reminds me of a friendship vase. The stargazer lilies and roses speak boldly to me. They seem to scream celebrate! Whether it be love or happy birthdays, they simply take my breath away.

I also went one step further and ordered myself this....

This cake was divine. Mmmmm makes me wish I had a piece right now. Mmmmm

Thankfully since my husband and I have been married for 17 years and he knows me well, he understood-sort of- after the initial shock- that I wasn't being ungrateful and that I did NOT mean to hurt his feelings. I simply want what I want sometimes. I like what I like and in simple things like flowers if I can fix it, well....I fix it. 

I am a very spoiled wife. I have the greatest husband in the world. 

Tony, I want to thank-you for putting up with me. For loving me. For spoiling me so. I love you so much and this truly was the best birthday ever. 

And just so you know, my stargazer lilies are STILL blooming and putting off there sweet smell in my home. I smile every single morning that I come in and sit down in my spot on the couch beside them. 

Check these out....

Happy Birthday to me! 

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Samantha said...

LOL loved the post!!! Loved that you returned the flowers!!! (: Hope you had a Happy Birthday!!!