July 28, 2012

Almost Home

Savannah Sky will be coming home on Thursday August 2nd. It can't get here soon enough. I am excited to hear about her adventures and hear the wondrous works that the Lord has done in Ethiopia and Uganda. I have had the least contact with her so this mama's heart is ready to hug her baby girl.

This semester is almost over for me as well. I have one exam left and to deliver a speech. I have a CPR class coming up this Monday. I get my books the 13th of August. Orientation will be the 17th of August. Official classes start the 22nd and I'll have my first drug dosage calculations test! It's all coming so soon.

I'm thankful I only have to work 2 days next week and I'll be off 5 with Savannah. We are all looking forward to her return.

Tony is playing with the group today at a family reunion.

Meadow has a friend over and they are playing pet shops.

I am getting ready to read some more and study for my exam.

Life is so good. What a great Saturday!

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