December 22, 2007

Fall Into Reading Wrap Up

How I did: Well I have to say I am quite proud of my reading this fall. Although here at the end I gobbled books up!! I read 10 books! Not including my bible studies so yippee!! Thanks so much Katrina at Callapidder Days for hosting this awesome reading event!
What I thought and what I learned:
Anne of Green Gables & Ann of Avonlea by Lucy Maud Montgomery ~ Here I learned that I should have read classics like these years ago. I cried, I loved and I lived through Anne. I can't wait to read these aloud to my girls. There were many great lessons of responsibility and yet a reminder to have fun. Perseverance too.
The Sons of Encouragement Series by Francine Rivers.
Aaron ~ The Priest
Caleb ~ The Warrior
Jonathan ~ The Prince
Amos ~ The Prophet
Silas ~ The Scribe
I have to say that I learned more about the Old testament than I have ever known. I remember so much and I am able to go back into God's word with a new undestanding and ease of comprehending what it going on. Francine has a wonderful way of opening your heart and allowing you to slip into the shoes of the one you are reading about so that you can feel their sorrow, their joy.
I learned much about our Lord and His ways. Things I had never even thought of. I learned more about having a reverent fear of our Father and how He desires our obedience even more than our sacrifice. I learned what a real Sheppard is and I learned a lot about sheep. I was amazed at the ways and characteristics of sheep and how much like them we are. I learned a lot about myself reading this series.
I am starting now on her other series: Lineage of Grace- Five women, whom God chose, destined to play a key role in the lineage of Jesus Christ. Francine Rivers tells these women’s stories in a way you’ve never heard before and lets them speak to us in new and life-changing ways. I can't wait! I already have the last book Unafraid about Mary ~ The woman of obedience.
Next are two books by a new author I discovered (new to me). His name is Chavda Mahesh, commonly refered to as Hesh.
The Hidden Power of Speaking in Tongues
The Hidden Power of Prayer and Fasting
These books were great reads, the Lord led me specifically at this time to read these. I was ready for the wealth of truth in them and I soaked it up like a dry sponge. I drew closer to the Lord and experienced things with Him that were a first for me. I have grown spiritually this fall and have become a better and more powerful prayer warrior. I overcame a stronghold of not being able to fast. I experienced a very successful fast. It was awesome!! I recommend these to anyone looking to grow closer to God and to experience His power. They dig into many scriptures ringing out truth that most do not want to know because of fear and tradition.
Lastly was
Alien Entities by Lester Sumrall. Let me add I am also in the middle of reading his Spirit, Soul and Body, and his The Life Story of Lester Sumrall~The Man~The Ministry~The Vision.
All I can say is, "Why on earth didn't someone teach me these things when I was younger?" I am sure it is because the Lord is truly pouring out His spirit in these last days. This man had faith, he walked it, he lived it, he believed it. I love how the Lord spoke to him and the revelation that Lester walked in. He truly was an anointed man of God. Did you know my pastor sat under Lester Sumrall during his training? Of course you didn't, heehee! But now you do, that is kewel isn't it? I thought so. :) I would have loved to have met Lester and I am thankful that he allowed God to use his life the way he did.
Well friends, that a wrap!! Hope you enjoyed reading about my adventure as I had taking it!


Nise' said...

Great job! Loved the Sons of Encouragement Series! I want to read the Anne series again. There is just too many books on my TBR list!! Merry Christmas.

Sandra said...

I didn't do very well with the Fall Reading!

Merry Christmas to you and your Family!!!!


Mary said...

I'm impressed with all the books you're getting read. WOW girl! I've moved away from alot of the fiction books the past few years. Really hungry for more of God and what He has for me. Whew! I've been on a new adventure with Him. I want more! Sounds like you do too! Merry Christmas dear girl!

Jenny in Ca said...

great list! you really did a lot of reading!!

I love the Anne series, I encourage you to go on and read the rest of the series, my favorites have to be "Rainbow Valley" and "Rilla of Ingleside"-yet I love all of them, I can't wait to read them all with my girls.

Sons of Encouragement sound very good, I will have to look for those...

thanks for sharing