December 8, 2007


Tomorrow is Sky's Birthday. We have been planning for weeks to celebrate her birthday today. Sky doesn't like big parties so she wanted to invite her best friend over and go out to eat and to the movies. Well the movie she wants to see is not playing in the county of the restaurant she wants to eat at so we all agreed to go out and eat and then to the mall.

We had planned to go as a family. Mom Dad and Sky. You all know Tony is always gone and is often only home for one day. Well he broke down yesterday and is still sitting. UGH! He isn't going to make it in to go with us today and Sky is simply heartbroken. She is such a Daddy's girl. Not to mention hearing the distress in Tony's voice over the phone, he sounds so broken. Who knows when he will be home and we haven't seen him since last Sunday morning.

Please lift us up in prayer today and continue to pray and be in agreeance with us in the name of Jesus that a new and better job that will enable to him to provide financially and be a Daddy to his family come available soon. This is one of the hardest trials our family has suffered. Today just adds to the UGH!

I told Tony the Lord must have someone there that he needs to share the gospel with and witness to or the Lord is protecting him from something unseen. He wants to be with us so bad. I created a Christmas Card for him to help cheer him up. Wanna see? You'll have to wait for it to load. Merry Christmas 2007

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annie said...

Oh, I'm sorry. Hope her day is special anyway! Happy birthday to Sky and prayers for you and Tony.