December 10, 2007

Words Left For Me...

Tony was only home for a few hours this weekend. Stress reigned. When I woke this morning these were the words he left for me...

Climbing into a cage week in and week out,
Causes one to look at life with much doubt.
Leaving those I love so very much,
Many miles from home and away from their touch.
From the time I leave, until my return,
For their love and affection my heart it does burn.
I drive a Big Truck across many a great state,
A job some love but one that I hate.
Out on the road with nothing else to do,
I think about life and “wasted time” too,
About wants and desires and things that we need,
For more time with my family to my Lord I do plead.
I come in most weekends, providing I don’t break down,
To a house full of family but it seems LOVE is not around.
Through out the week while Daddy is not here,
Pressure and tension drowns the good cheer.
Mother doing the job that God meant for TWO,
Is taking its toll on one who is true,
True to her children and responsibilities of life,
Is what makes me proud to call her my WIFE,
She works over time, and without any pay,
I do not envy her, that I must say,
Homeschooling, cooking and cleaning all day,
No time for herself to keep the devil at bay,
So I lift her up to our Father above,
And ask that He bathe her with patience and love,
That which only God Himself can give,
The desire to love to laugh and to live.
My greatest desire is to be a family man,
And with the help of my Lord, I know that I can,
So I also pray, it be the will of my Lord,
That I soon come home, to a home of one accord.

My heart is broken today....


pottermom said...

perhaps a post of pain but a show of great love too. Praying that God opens doors for more time together.

Karen said...

I'm sorry to hear that your hubby is finding this such a hard time. But you know, that he can express his emotions like this and his love and tenderness is a beautiful thing! My husband works many many hours, and most weekends as well. It's rare he has even one day off, if ever - but he is near, not away. I'm so grateful for that. God give you all grace and open fresh doors!

Iana said...

I know just how you guys feel, this has been the story of our lives lately as well. I'm praying for you, friend!

Anonymous said...

Your dh has a beautiful way with words. He has such tenderness.. May God open doors that you both never imagined possible.

Irritable Mother said...

Oh Jenileigh, the hard times stink (and I read Saturday's post...UGH!!) but I truly believe we can have HOPE in them. I have heard it said (and believe it's true) God does not waste a single thing in our lives. He will use every trial, every pain, every struggle - no matter how large or small - for our good and His glory.
Praying He will bring relief soon, that you and Tony (and the girls!) will cling tightly to Him during the struggle, and that you will all rejoice as you look back from "the other side" and recognize His goodness to you!

Bobbi said...

(((Jenileigh))) I SO can relate and feel your pain. My dh has lived on and off the road for the past 10 years. If you ever need someone to talk to, I'm here.
PS thanks for the birthday blessings/wishes!!!

Chele said...

What a beautiful and yet heart wrenching writing your hubby did. I think use wives and moms forget that it's difficult on the husband/fathers to be away for many hours a day/weeks at a time from their family. Praying the Lord will continue to be your strength and will renew your joy this new year. Blessings to your family.