March 18, 2009

Harvest Worship Center's 30 Hour Famine April 24th and 25th

Starting on Friday April 24th our youth are going to participate in a 30 hour Famine. Did you know that 26,000 kids die of hunger every day? That is 1,208 kids a day. One child every three seconds. We know that we can and will make a difference. Our youth have begun taking donations to help feed these children, they will be doing different services such as -working at a local food bank, doing hotdog sales and a breakfast for fundraisers and helping to give back to our community here in Patrick County.

We will be meeting on Friday April the 24th at 6:00pm at HWC to enjoy HWC's Praise and Worship Team, special speakers, adult dramas and games. We will be divided into Tribes with Tribal Leaders and are heading out on a scavenger hunt that will blow your socks off.

Are you ready to witness and be the hands of Jesus?

Upon return there will be more music, and a special service out next to the bond fire as the kids build their homes for the night out of cardboard boxes. Yep you heard that right! We are going to experience not only what it is like to be hungry but what it is like to be homeless! Its going to be real and its going to impact the youth FOREVER!

Saturday morning will bring more praise and worship, more speakers, more fun and more games. Then we will be heading to Jamie's recycling center to demolish a vehicle or two. Who wouldn't want to bash in a car with a sledge hammer or baseball bat for just one can of food or one dollar a hit?

Next we will be carrying our signs and heading to Main street in Stuart to do our cross walk. We will walk through our town carrying our crosses and praying for businesses and our economy, calling on the Lord to bless and bloom our community. The kids are working hard on their signs and to raise money. Not only to raise money to support the cause but to raise awareness. Hunger travels. Its even here in the United States. We are going to be the hands of Christ. We are going to feed the hungry. We are going to starve for food. We are going to make a difference.

HWC's Famine will be ending at 6:00pm on Saturday April 25th with a special BREAK - FAST. Pastor David Coleman will be ending with communion before the kids are fed a very special dinner for all their hard work and dedication. We are going to grow closer to God, closer as a church, closer as a community and closer to one another. The great thing is that this isn't all.

Keep this event, our church and youth, World Famine and those hungry children in your prayers!


Alicia said...

What a blessing your church is, being the hands and feet of Jesus to those around you. I love the idea of going through the streets in town and praying for the community and helping the hungary children. I love it when Christians get active in their community. I'll keep this in my prayers.

God bless :)

Susan said...

Hor many kids in this group?

DebMc said...

What a great blessing! You'll be impacting your community, but, even more, impacting these teens. They will never forget this weekend...ripples from it will extend for years and years to come.

Jenileigh said...

Susan, our youth consist of around 25 but two other churches have been invited to come out and join us. At this point we aren't sure how many youth we will have but we sure are excited!