October 14, 2009


I love rainy days. I also love my girls. Heaven came by during our history read aloud and sat in for me to finish reading about missionary William Carey. After I finished reading, she took Sky and Meadow to the pound to see if there was a kitten available. They came back home discussing when Heaven would be able to come and get them again.

They miss her.

She misses them too.

Mommy loves seeing that.

Monday night Heaven called me at 11:35 pm when she got home from work and we were on the phone until 3:00 am.

Mommy loved that too.

It's so different with Heaven not living here anymore. I enjoy seeing this new bonding, or should I say re-bonding take place. It makes a mommy's heart happy.

I'm so blessed. I look around at my husband, my children, my home and our life and I praise God for it. I'm so blessed.

Reading about William Carey has brought other thoughts to my mind too. I've been thinking about it a lot lately. William has to deal with a missionary friend that doesn't know how to live modestly. His friend keeps not only running out of money but borrowing money to keep him and his family in the lavish lifestyle that they are accustomed to. William's friend has made many enemies because he leaves owing them money. It hurts the reputation of the missionary society also.

The other day I watched a video by John Piper on The Prosperity Gospel. It didn't set well with me. To me it sounded as though he was saying, that the only time God is glorified is through our sufferings. He mentioned something about Christian's driving a BMW.

We are considered, I suppose, somewhat of Word of Faith believers, although I do not like tagging us with a name. I do believe in calling things that are not as though they are, speaking life and not death, and calling forth healing in the name of Jesus! Do I really believe it's right with God to live richly? Do I not?

I'm torn between these two things. Is one really wrong? Or are they just the extreme. I think I fall somewhere in the middle of both, I like to think that I have balance. Lately, it just seems to keep popping up over and over.

What is right? What is wrong?

What does God want me to do, how does He want me to live. Am I filling the call He has placed on my life.

What do you believe?

I'd love to have some peaceful input on the above if you have anything to share.

I know in reading about William Carey, he lives very modestly, on the bare minimum. Then the remainder he uses to translate the Bible into other languages. I truly see how far it is I have to go when I'm reading of other missionaries and or evangelists. It's sad, I suppose, that in life, when I look around, I feel like I'm doing good with the Lord. But, when I begin our studies, I am reminded of how little of myself I'm really giving to the Lord.

Lead me God.

Lead me that I may follow.

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Allie said...

Good post. We live so richly in our country, we don't know what poverty is for the most part - our middle class is extreme wealth for most of the world. Is that a blessing, or are we so comfortable that we don't see what we lack spiritually? I see it as a hindrance myself. I have to go back to Jesus' words about the rich man entering heaven to keep it in perspective. I look around my house and see us building up treasures here on earth, instead of in Heaven.
Speaking of Heaven - your relationship sounds like it's changing, as it should, and will be a tremendous blessing!