May 18, 2013

Absence in May

Sorry I've haven't had a chance to update here during this beautiful month of May.

I'm keeping my precious grandson Monday-Thursday each week and have been keeping a good friend's two little ones here and there as well. That, along with class reunions, the Honduras Coffee Shop on some Friday nights, taking small dates with my sweet husband-riding out onto beautiful land with gorgeous rivers, visiting my dear mother in law and her hubby, cooking dinners and pies. (I've been on a pie kick. Did I tell you that? I don't think I did. Homemade chocolate pies, strawberry pies, oh yummy!).

I try hard to share my adventures here on my blog for various reasons. Mainly as a dairy, so that one day my family, my children, and grandchildren can come back here and read my life in my words. It's a wonderful way to journal memories, thoughts, events, and pictures. The beautiful weather of the month and the many events taking place have detoured me.

I've just been wrapped up in life. It feels good. I cannot explain the welcome feeling I have toward the spring and the summer coming. I immensely enjoy the outdoors. We are talking about trying to get a camping trip together. I love camping next to the rivers in our area. I live in such a beautiful place. I need to spend more time taking pictures and sharing them with you.

Yesterday, I went to the Doctor with my oldest daughter Heaven. She is 16 weeks pregnant. She has been very sick-which reminds me so much of me with my own pregnancies. She has lost weight and not gained. She is beginning to have a few good days here and there, so I'm hoping as she progresses further into her 2nd trimester she will continue to feel better. The next appointment in June we will learn of her babies gender! She has a girls name all picked out but a boys name is nowhere in the future. lol She isn't sharing names just yet, because the last time she shared a girls name that she had chosen it was taken by a close friend. This time, she is savoring it until the last moment.

Savannah has gotten her a car, a 2003 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible and is working for a friend of mine. She is still hunting another job to fill in the gaps but I'm very proud of her.

Meadow is ready for the summer. Only two more weeks maybe of school?

My husband and I have spent this last year falling in love all over again. July 4th will be our 20th year Anniversary. We have had some great years and just a couple of really down ones. The Lord has held us together tightly and He enables our hearts to be forgiving and understanding. He has given us patience with one another and time, and time has been the best friend to us of everything. Time is a bond in itself. The love we share now is different than the love we shared in the beginning. It's only something that someone who has experienced can understand because words just can't describe the meaning. I'm most thankful for my husband, my very best friend. I love him so much. I have so respect for him. He is such an honorable man. He makes me a better woman. Marriage, it is a wonderful thing. I'm blessed beyond measure that ours has lasted and is still going strong.

I guess in this post what I'm sharing is that I have learned to love life again. For a while there I was so caught up in becoming a nurse that I left all else and forgot how to enjoy life. My happiness depending on passing or failing. For now, I'm taking a break. It's just the 18th of May so the next month may hold a different foretelling. School will either go back June 17th or the middle of September. Me, well I'm going with the flow. I'll decide when the time comes.

For now, I'm going to get in the shower and get ready to go on the mountain. I'm keeping my grandson tonight, picking up my mother-in-law and going to hear my husband sing in his blue grass gospel group and spend some time with the Lord.

(And a note to my sweet friend Debra, thank-you from the bottom of my heart for your comments. They warm my soul and put a smile on my face. Your friendship is precious to me. I apologize for being away so long and missing your encouraging words. Please know that I cherish them. Hugs to you.)


Debra Seiling said...

Dear Jenileigh,
The more I read your posts, the more I realize we have lots in common. After teaching for years, a job I really enjoyed, I retired early so I could take care of two of my grandchildren. Although I really liked being a teacher, I love being with my grandchildren. Additionally, my husband and I celebrated our 20th anniversary in November.

Take care,
Debbie Seiling

P.S. I really like your attitude, being flexible to see where God leads you and being open to His timing.

Jenileigh said...

Debbie- God is so good. Nothing is coincidental for Him. He links us to those we need right when we need them. Sometimes I wish I had spent the past few years taking prereqs to teach. But it is what it is. Teaching is very rewarding.

I did want to tell you too that I use to be a CNA, I worked in that field for a couple of years in my late teens early twenties. That is was a great suggestion though.

Today I received my invitation to Orientation on June 1st which is required if I'm to start school on the 17th. Seeing it moved my heart. I told my husband we are going to go and that is when we will decide. Pray for us to have peace together and that we fully know what the Lord wants me to do.

I also need help with my weight. Well shoot, I have too many issues to list here now. lol

Thanks for comments. Hugs

Debra Seiling said...

Dear Jenileigh,

You will continue to be in my prayers. I know it's difficult when you don't know the exact direction God is leading. Yesterday, I read this and marked it, so I could send it to you, since it applies to what's going on.

Proverbs 5: Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. 6 In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths.

This sounds exactly like what you were saying.

Take care,
Debbie Seiling