June 6, 2007

Glad to be Home

Well we have the house in order and are beginning to get back on schedule with life here back at home. Vacation was wonderful although sometimes I feel it wears you out more than rests you. There were many lazy days that we spent on the beach and in the water. One day that we went to Fort Fisher by Ferry and visited the North Carolina Aquarium. Heaven and I drove to Wilmington and went shopping at the mall and ate sushi..yummy!! Mom and I took a day went into South Port to shop and I was amazed. I just loved that little place and all of those southern plantation style homes with shops in them doing business from the front porch. Talk about hospitality! All that and being water front too what more could you ask for? Vacations like this one reminds me of reading those great romance novels. It brings to life dreams you never knew you had. My sister and her new beau came in for two nights. Sissy had mom and Sky out on the body board riding waves. We laughed so much especially at my mom. Who would have ever thought she would have had the nerve to get out there and body board!!! They also bought fireworks and we set those off one night after we had gone out to eat fresh seafood. The biggest joy was watching the girls play, laugh, swim, build sand castles, make friends and just enjoy themselves.

This was our first year at Oak Island, NC. We usually try to go to the beach once a year and usually we go somewhere different every year. We have stayed many a time in Myrtle Beach, Ocean Isles & Emerald Isle, we have went once to the Outer Banks and stayed in Corolla and we loved that place but the drive was l-o-n-g for us. Oak Island was only about 5 hours from us and that was not a bad drive. Oak Island was peaceful and not alot of traffic and people. Plus it was close to everything so it didn't take long to get to the restaurants and local shops and there was so much to do. I believe everyone was so satisfied with Oak Island that they want to return again next year. We shall see!

Here is a link to read about Oak Island.

  • Oak Island

  • And Here is a link to the Realtor that we rented our house from. Click vacation rentals and then vacation rentals search open the pull down bar that says select house by name and pull up Sea King.

  • Margaret Rudd & Associates Realtors
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