August 22, 2007

A Bend In The Road

I received this is an e-mail the other day and it definitely spoke where I have been. I just needed the reminder that even in the bend I am not forsaken nor alone. I do not know who to give credit to for writing this but wanted to pass it on in hopes that it may help someone else as much as it did me. I miss blogging and lots of my online friends, world and time but with our home schooling starting back full time and the depression that I have been in I haven't felt that I could encourage anyone here. I'll be back soon. A bend can only last so long! :)

Bend In The Road

When we feel we have nothing left to give
and we are sure that the song has ended.
When our day seems over
and the shadows fall
and the darkness of night has descended.
Where can we go to find the strength
to valiantly keep on trying
Where can we find the hand that will dry
the tears that the heart is crying.
There's but one place to go
and that is to God
and dropping all pretense and pride.
We can pour out our problems
without restraint
and gain strength with Him at our side.
And together we stand at life's crossroads
and view what we think is the end.
But God has a much bigger vision
and He tells us it's only a bend.
For the road goes on and is smoother
and the pause in the song is a rest.
And the part that's unsung and unfinished
is the sweetest and richest and best
So rest and relax and grow stronger
let go and let God share your load.
Your work is not finished or ended
you've just come to a bend in the road.


Jenny in Ca said...

thinking of you, and praying for you. I suffer with depression off and on, it seems to run in my family. Know words of wisdom, but praying for you.

Penless Thoughts said...

I've missed you blog. I'm sorry you are having a rough time. Years ago when I went through a very bad depression I read this "If you are depressed say to yourself "Okay, I'm depressed and its okay." Then set a time limit that YOU decide how long you are going to be depressed 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, etc." I did this and you'd be amazed how much it helped me! I hope I made this clear enough for you to understand. If not please e-mail me.

Karen said...

I've had you on my mind for days, and have often popped by your blog to see how you are doing. I haven't left a comment because I guessed you were really busy and may not want to be besieged.

This is a wonderful post and I pray that God breaks through for you and lifts you above these clouds and storms and gives you fresh joy.

Karen said...

Oh and be released from feeling you have to encourage others, sometimes it's about sharing the journey and it's amazing what the Lord does and who we speaks to. :-)

BunnyGirl said...

Having recently come through my own bend in the road (2006 was a tough year), I want to encourage you to keep holding on to God. This "bend in the road" was a great encouragement to me. Sometimes, when I just couldn't cope anymore, I would sit and cry but then I would get the courage to keep going. There are better times ahead. However, just remember that this time is important too. God uses everything in your life, nothing goes to waste, including the tough times. He may se this to encourage someone else in due course. Hold on.