July 27, 2007

The Middle Child-Sky


This is Sky. She is my middle daughter. The other day she mentioned that since I had been blogging that I had posted many pictures and stories about her sisters but none of her. I was stunned. I hadn't realized. Meadow is the baby and its so easy to post pictures of her without thinking. Plus she just had her sixth birthday. My baby is growing up.

Heaven has had me preoccupied with concern, emotions, and things I've never experienced before with her missions trip, and yet I never meant to leave my Sky out.

Look at her. She has beautiful green eyes. The only one in our family who doesn't have brown eyes. She has the biggest heart. She is so tender hearted. She is a whole lot like her mommy, yet at the same time she has this incredible sense of humor and loves to joke around. She gets this from her daddy, I know it didn't come from me because most of the time I am completely lacking in this area!

Sky is a daddy's girl all the way. She always has been. Those big ole eyes light up when they spot her daddy. She reminds me of Laura-half pint from The Little House on the Prairie. Her father often comments that if no one else misses him he knows for sure that Sky has!

Sky will be 12 in December and is changing into a young woman right before my very eyes. She is maturing so rapidly I want to scream, "STOP!" She is picking up chores around the house that have always been Heaven's. She is assuming a great deal of responsibility and I am so very proud of her. She tries so hard to please those around her. She never asks for much and is quite satisfied with spending time with her family and friends.

Sky is also my little baker. She loves cooking and baking goodies. She loves being in the kitchen. This is quite different from her older sister Heaven who struggles with following directions on the box..(sorry Heaven-you get this from your aunt Tammy!) Can you see my BIG GRIN?! Seriously though, Sky is always willing to do the grunt work. She is the one that you can depend on to take out the scraps, to feed and water the dogs, to play with her sister, to run down the steps to get me a water or her father his clothes out of the dryer.

So Sky, mommy wants you to know that it isn't because you aren't special to me or that I don't love you as much as I do the others. It isn't your fault that I have neglected you here, its mine. Forgive me dear one. I love you so much! You are very special to me and I want you to know that I notice all that you do, I'm just sorry that I have forgotten to tell you. Thank-You. Thank-You for working so hard, for never giving in or giving up, for always being willing, for being there for me and especially for simply being you.

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Heather said...

Jenileigh, You are such a good and Godly mom! I truly hope you know how much our Father must smile down upon you!

Love and Blessings,

Karen said...

What a beautiful daughter - in fact you have 3 gorgeous daughters. You must be so proud!! :-)

Mandalyn said...

Your girls are so beautiful!! You are truly blessed!

Kristie said...

Jen what a beautiful site you have and you are such a good writer. May GOD continue to bless you and your family. I love you and thanks for you friendship!

SouthernBell said...

So many great pictures -- your little ones are beautiful!

Who am I? I'm a blogger/designer for a newspaper in Knoxville, Tenn.

annie said...

Sky is beautiful!!! She looks a lot like her mom!