July 12, 2007

Heaven died!

Yep, that is how I felt when I received the message that said I died!

Here is Heaven's latest blog:
I died.

So last night´s talk was on dieing to yourself (I´m actually still breathing just to let you all know). Our speaker had us write down the things we needed to die to. Then she said if we were serious to walk to the front of the room and look at the dead person in the coffin before us. Slightly hesitant I walked forward and looked into the casket. Inside I seen my own reflection in a mirror. We were then seperated into teams and had our own ¨funerals¨. We stepped forward before our team and voiced what we were dying to. I died to unforgiveness to myself and other´s. I died to doubt. I died to my past. I died to my future. Mostly though I just died. When I come back it will no longer be me- It will be Him. It is all for Him and about Him... it all is Him.

It´s so easy to say I´m going to do nice things for God...I´m gonna play sports for Him, I´m gonna sing for Him... But that isn´t what we´re suppose to do. We are to simply surrender and do what HE wants us to do. We have to let go of our own wills and follow God´s. We have to die to our own independence and become dependent on Him.

Over 5,209 people have been saved so far. Tomorrow is our last ministry day. Be in prayer! I will be home soon!

I'm amazed at this! This trip has been so much more than I ever thought it would be for my daughter. Because of some things I had heard and then being told this wasn't *true* missions because the kids are staying in a resort and things like that somehow I think I thought those things would limit God. I can't get over myself sometimes! These kids that have gone on this Brio Missions Trip were in almost as much need as those Peruvians that have received Christ! God has worked miracles on both sides. 5000 saved!!! I'm simply amazed! Praising God!! wooohooooo! And I can't wait to see my daughter on Sunday!

I would also like to thank all of you reading who have supported my daughter and helped to enable her to take this trip. I know there are a whole lot of readers who don't know how to comment that helped to fund this trip. Some of you I have never even met. For all of you who donated, who prayed, who held me while I was so alone, those who talked with me late hours on the phone, Heaven's friends, my husband to each of you I offer a HUGE THANK-YOU!

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Penless Thoughts said...

What a powerful commitment your daughter has written!!! Great teaching they are giving these young people on this mission trip.