July 13, 2007

One More Day

I can't believe how hard is has been these last two weeks! I also can't believe how hard we were attacked spiritually. We had to replace our water pump Sunday, the filter guy had to come out Monday and by Wednesday I had no water pressure again. Tonight I'm having to turn off the water to the toilets to do dishes and run a bath. My washer is acting up and its only one year old. My clothes are piling up and I don't function in a mess. I have to have my home fairly clean to feel good. My husband has driven almost 4,000 miles this week so I kind of feel like a single mom!


I have a house full of kids! I have my Savannah-11 & Meadow-5, then the neighbor Nikki-5, and three of my friend's kids, Jessie-12, Amy-10, Caleb-11, Seth-7 & Lydia-5! I had to send little Olivia home last night. She is only one and she is a mess. A beautiful mess but a mess still the same. She is into everything! I'm sure you all remember that age with your children. Plus her mommy has her spoiled and she wanted her own bed!

So I have been busy but having fun. I love watching the kids play together. They have been in trees, playing dress up, helping me clean, watching movies, laughing crying.....you get the picture! And of all times my battery charger is missing to my camera so I couldn't take pictures and these were the perfect kodak days!

I'm tired. Sorry I haven't been able to participate in the memes or catch up on your blogs, I miss you all and pray all is well! And Heaven is coming home Sunday!


Irritable Mother said...

This stuff you've been through sounds overwhelming.
But God is still good in the midst of it.
And Heaven is coming home tomorrow.

Yes. God is good. And Heaven will be full of such wonderful God stories. Hang in there, friend!

annie said...

Our water pump broke last week... good times :o)
Praying for you!