July 7, 2007

First Day in the Mission Field

Heaven was able to send me a short e-mail telling me to read her blog. I'm going to copy and paste it here. I can't stop the tears! This trip is going to change her life. You know I have been homeschooling six years now going into my seventh and I communicate a LOT with people online, it struct me hard tonight that most of my contact with my daughter would be online as she fills the call the Lord has placed on her life. It is so wonderful and so incredibly sad all at the same time! Isn't that what they call bittersweet? Thankfully I still have another year with her at home. *sigh* Well...here it is..

This is the e-mail
I love you both mommy and daddy. I´m gonna try to wrtie a blog about my
wonderful day so ya´ll can read it. Then I won´t have to type so much stuff
over and over. Thank you both so much for all ya´ll have done. I love you
guys and miss you bunches! Tell everyone I miss them and love them too
especially Savannah and Meadow. ANd sorry if there´s typos the keyboard is
in spanish.
This is the blog
So today was out first ministry day. And may I say it was indescribable. Nothing could ever amount to the beauty I witnessed. After performing our drama everyone was emersed into the crowd to lead the people to Christ. We´ve been taught some phrases and knew what to say... I found myself in the middle of a large group of young children wanting to pray and receive Jesus into their hearts. I got a translater and bowed my head as the children repeated after her. Can we say cold chills? Then we were able to play games and run around with them. I am a clown in our drama and the kids just went crazy touching my costume and smearing the paint on my face. They were so in awe of us all dressed up so silly. As I was getting onto the bus some kids came up and hugged me and kissed my cheek. It was precious and definitely a moment I will never forget. The harder part was leaving. The children ran after us and jumped and waved until we got back to the main road. On the way back to the resort the sun finally came out. It´s been overcast since we got here. So I´ll just say.. the sun came out today... physically and spiritually.

By the way... I miss everyone a whole lot and have been homesick this whole time. I´ve really wanted to come home. But today showed me my purpose to being here and has made my desire for missions grow even stronger. I´m prepared to stay now. Not that I would have a choice. Hehe.


Karen said...

Great feedback from your daughter, how mature she sounds, how proud you must be of her. May God continue to radiate through her in Peru, may she be a light that shines the love and truth of Jesus and may she never be shaken. The name of the Lord is her strong tower. Funny, I was dreaming about a child with the name of Meadow last night and I see you mention you have another daughter who has that very name!

annie said...

What a wonderful testimony to read from your daughter! Praise God for this experience and for the children who are being touched by the love of this group.

~Ginger said...

I was sent here by a friend and who realized I have three daughters and thought I would enjoy your blog. My second daughter went to China on her first missions trip at age 16. She was gone for almost a month. It was hard letting her go, but life changing for everyone.

God bless all of you during this time. Your daughters letter and your words brought back many memories.

Irritable Mother said...

Yes, God is at work. And it is beautiful!
Thanks for sharing Heaven with us, too!