July 6, 2007

blogger reflection award

Karen from Surviving Motherhood a dear sweet Christian sister, that the Lord has blessed me with, has given me this blogger reflection award. This is my very first award and I am so very honored! Astonished I am!

Karen said, "I love Jenileigh, not just because she says nice things to me, but because she loves her girls so much. When I am feeling frustrated with my children I can visit Jenileigh and (after I giggle at the silly pictures) renew my perspective. Her love for her girls is infectious and helps me see past the petty frustrations and realized once again how blessed I am."

I never dreamed of or even ever knew that there were such things as blogger awards when I started blogging, much less that I would ever receive one. When I began blogging it was for me a journal to keep of our life. In the beginning I had thought it would be more about homeschooling but the Lord has led me to use it as a place to share our life through Him. I share the good and the bad. I have great days and then there are those that you don't like to mention! I just open up and share what is in my heart. My girls and my precious husband they are my life. I have never planned out a blog I just sit down and allow the Lord to pour out what He wills. There are times that I myself am astonished at what I have learned and then there are times that I feel my blogs have little point. So is life. Although everything has a point even if we never realize what it is.

I also never knew that blogging would open me up to whole new world. A whole new family. A family with such love and dedication always there and always uplifting you with such support. How grateful I am that I receive many more blessings than I feel I share. God is like that though isn't He? He multiplies back to us everything we give to Him. How Great is Our God!!!

I am ever so thankful that the Lord has used me to touch my friend Karen in such a deep way. She has in return brought great encouragement and knowledge to me. Much love that I am amazed can be felt online.

Now I know I am suppose to pass this on to five other bloggers. At this time however I hope that it will be fine if I just say a mighty Thank-You. Thank-you Karen for sharing this with me. I simply haven't been blogging long enough to pass this on to five other bloggers and the few that I would send it on to already have it! So just know that I am blessed by and grateful for all of YOU!


Irritable Mother said...

"In the beginning I had thought it would be more about homeschooling but the Lord has led me to use it as a place to share our life through Him."
I love how God works everything out. We have our plans, but His are always best. Thanks for allowing Him to use your blog for His glory!
Love you,

annie said...

You really do deserve this honor Jenileigh. I really enjoy your blog and am happy to have 'met' you!