July 9, 2007

More updates from Heaven

Things have been chaotic at my house. Our water quit Saturday morning, a man came to replace our pump Sunday, and then the water wasn't coming through the filteration system. We have incredibly bad water with lots of iron in it. So today another man is suppose to be coming to fix that. I am at a friends house. I am going to copy the latest two blogs from Heaven. Her experiences are keeping me going! I am so happy for her!

First update
Last night at our little metting thing that I cannot spell or pronounce everyone seemed to be breaking down and crying. This one girl confessed in front of everyone all this bad stuff that she had been experiencing... many teens did. They came forth and in front of all 600 kids they poured out their hearts. You´d have to be pretty cold hearted to not cry after each testimony was shared. We broke up into groups and prayed then went back into praise and worship. The night was great. I also bought some great pajama pants that were like an XL.. yeah so they´re way too big but they are really comfortable and they were only ten dollars. I´m flying home in them, yes yes.

After that I was talked into going to this Christian dance club they have here. It´s completely crazy but I can assure you it´s supervised (to mom and dad). It´s mostly just goofy dancing. Anyways it´s goober fun (used that word for Aubrey) and I def slept good last night.

Today topped yesterday. We did the same stuff but we all switched jobs. I was washing, drying and fixing different kid´s hair. You could see the lice on their scalps. It was so pitiful. I´ve taken loads of pics and will post them all when I get back home. Many were saved again today. The kids were wonderful. I love how they pull the paint off my face with their tiny fingers. I´ve definitely found another portion of God´s amazing love.

I would like to encourage everyone to search out their hearts and see where you are in your walk with God. Are you ancle deep in the ocean? Knee deep? Waste deep? Or are you in over your head swimming in God´s love? Jump in and have faith in our Creator.. seek an intimate love realtionship with Him. We could never be perfect but we should strive to be obedient.
I love and miss everyone!!!!!!!!

Next Update
So last night was great.... same routine as the night before. We had our wroship service and a talk. Then we headed to the dance club again which was as much fun as it was the night before, if not then more.

Today we had a church service. It was great. I have to admit it was my least favorite talk. But when it was over I felt more of God´s presence then in any other service we´ve had. I felt God pulling me and calling me. I felt Him changing me. I dedicated all my gifts and all my life to His glory. One of my new friends Nina began to ask me what God wanted me to do... When I went to answer her I was overwhelmed in actually voicing what the Lord had spoken to me. God is so amazing. His voice is so clear... if only we will listen.

Before I came on this trip I had many people pray over me and mention things about my hands and what the Lord would do with them. Then at our first service back in Miami God got more specific with me and gave me full confirmation. Then two nights ago God spoke to me directly again and said, ¨Heaven, they are not your hands.¨ I realized then that everything about me isn´t about me... it´s all about Him, it all is Him. Every action I make, every word I speak... I have to completely die to my flesh and live for my Lord and Savior who gave His life for me. The changes God is making in me are radical. They are consuming, but in a good way. God is working and I am finally fully surrendering to what He has called me to do. I´m ready to take up my cross and go through this walk of life to glorify my Jesus. end..

I am simply in awe of the growth that Heaven is experiences with Christ. I really have so much more inside of me to say but will have to do it later. Please continue to pray over Heaven, pray protection, For God to lead, and for annointing. Thanks-You.

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Leni said...

So glad you've been sharing these updates with us! My dd was excited to hear that she was on this trip...Riah is hoping to go on a missions trip in the next couple of years.