July 4, 2007

Fire Works on the 4th

Jenileigh's hubby here again just wanting to take a moment to say HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to my beloved wife and thank her for the many years love we have shared. It was 14 years ago today on a beautiful 4th of July that we took our vows in front of many loved ones and even some that said "They will never last" Well we are here to say we have and we continue to do so!!!! Every 4th of July when the fireworks go off it reminds me of that special day.(and that I gotta run to the store:p)
My prayer is: Father God I thank You today over all days for sending me the greatest blessing of my life, my wife. Lord I ask that You continue to lead guide and direct the path that we as one walk. I ask that You be a light unto our path that we may not stumble. Thank You for blessing our marriage with many children and much love. Father I give You all the praise, In Jesus name, Amen


Joyful Days said...

That was so sweet!!

Happy Anniversary & prayers for many, many more beautiful years.

Peace in Him.

Penless Thoughts said...

I think you're the first couple I've ever personally heard of getting married on July 4th. I think that's fantastic!

annie said...

Happy Anniversary!

BB said...

I suspect the fire works burn every day in your home! What lovely sentiments. Between those and that picture you have posted, who needs artificial multicolored flashings in the sky.