July 10, 2007

Missions Updates from Heaven

Monday- Servant hood
Today was another work day! Yesterday I was extremely blah, but today I am doing very very well. I cleaned houses. This one women had her son go buy some juice and crackers for us. Then when we went to take a picture they changed clothes and fixed their hair up. It was the sweetest thing. Then in the other house we cleaned a girl had us listen to some of her music. It was neat that she shared that with us. We all danced around. I got a ton of pictures yet again. As the days pass you really get in touch with your servant heart. You realize that your true happiness comes in making other´s happy and helping them along in their lives. I´ve never felt more sure of the calling God has placed on my life. I can´t wait to come home and share this awesome experience with everyone! I love and miss ya´ll soooooooooooooo much!!

People without a purpose..
So I have ten minutes :( Today we didn´t work, we only performed. We went to like three different places. It was a great day though. Last night we had a concert... we´re having another one tonight. I have failed to mention that over 2,000 people have been saved on this trip so far, not counting the people from today.

I also forgot to mention something I seen yesterday. There was this woman stroking her fingers through her little daughter´s hair. I watched her as she studied her hand and the top of the girl´s head. I wondered what she was thinking... Was she thinking of the girl´s future? Whether it be ten years from then or five minutes. All people feel the same things and I know mother´s in Amereica trouble theirselves with worrisome thoughts all the time. I just can´t imagine how much worse this mother´s thoughts must be to be living where they are living. Please keep these people in your prayers. They have nothing and yet they give everything. Everyone receives the message from the drama so well... they all want to believe and accept Jesus. They all want a promise of love... of hope... of eternal life... of life at all... of a purpose.

I encourage everyone to take a step back from your choas and veiw your life from the outside. See what characteristics of Christ you are missing and all the wrong ones you could do without.

Keep me in your prayers I´ll be home in less than 5 days!


Karen said...

Hi there, I was praying for Heaven during the night. Particularly covering her mind, emotions and spiritual well being and also that nothing can distract her from the destiny God has for her. I really sense a strong call of God on her life. I also prayed for team unity, friendships to not waver and love and understanding. Thank you for updating us about how Heaven is doing.

Susanne said...

Oh, I'll bet it just warms your heart to hear good reports like this! What a phenomenal experience for your girl. And I just love how she is recieving confirmation of God's call on her life. What a great thing for her age. So exciting.

annie said...

I'm praying for Heaven too.
Thanks for posting her experiences for us to read.

Karen said...

Hi there, I have tagged you for 5 things I dig about Jesus