July 1, 2007

One more day

One more day till my oldest baby leaves. I can't believe how hard it has been to get ready. Her big bag can only weigh 50lbs so we had to take out this and take out that! We took it to UPS and had it weighed and it was 50.25. Whew!

I have peace and even joy about her leaving. I know that God is getting ready to use her. I can't wait for her return to hear about all of the wonderful details. God is so good.

We are getting ready to go to a 4th of July Celebration with our church at a couple's place from our church. We have massive fire works to set off tonight. We are going to be cooking out and enjoying great fellowship. I can't wait and I'll be back to share later.

Please be in prayer for Heaven and for the missions team she is going with. Here is a link to the page where updates should be posted. It has some misprinted information currently so I hope they update soon!

Brio Missions PERUve iT!!! Teen Missions 2007

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annie said...

I'll be praying.
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