October 16, 2007

Another Meadow Moment

As most of you know Meadow is my baby. My little girl, the one who is spoiled so rotten that I'm quickly becoming the only one who can stand her! (not really) :)

The other night my friend Tammy, her family and youth group from her church, then Heaven, Meadow and myself volunteered to help pack food boxes at a local food bank that needed help. We had such a great time, it was such rewarding work. Everyone pitched in and worked together and friendships were formed. It was great fellowship, a great time had by all. (Tammy and her husband Brad are working on starting a food bank in their community so if you wouldn't mind please keep that in your prayers.)

The lady who ran the place commented several times on my Meadow and how she was a mommy's girl. She commented that she didn't like to see mom's complain when their children desired to be with them because it was a good thing and they may not always have that desire. I assured her that I was thankful for Meadow's clinginess and I enjoyed her wallering me!

A little later she commented again and said, "Your daughter really is clingy isn't she? And you are so use to it you don't even notice." Meadow was at that time sitting on my foot with her arms wrapped around my leg. I just laughed. Then Meadow stood up and began walking circles around me, round and round she went. She began giggling and got louder and louder so I reached down gently to stop her and ask her to be a little more quiet so that she didn't interrupt our conversation, and that is when I felt it. Wetness.

We had moved outside and the sun had gone down, there was cool brisk breeze gently blowing and Meadow's nose had started to run. So while she was playing ring around the rosy on my body she had also been wiping her nose on my shirt, all the way around my shirt.

I have to admit that I was a little embarrassed so I simply said nothing. On the way home I had to laugh while thinking that becoming a mother turns you into many things that you never ever imagined or dreamed that you would become. A human tissue is one of them! And yet it reminds of those little hand prints on my living room wall that she put there with my lipstick, when I look at them I smile because I know one day Meadow like Heaven will be grown. Time flies and somehow days like these make me wish I could slow it down just a little.

Take the time today to be thankful for their mishaps, spend some time in prayer for them, and never ever forget that they are blessings to you from your Father!

(Sky was away at camp last week and decided to come home early, so her daddy picked her up in the big truck and she spent 3 days on the road with him. This was a dream come true for her. She is home this week and I'm so happy to have my three girls back together and home with me.)


Mary said...

You make me laugh girl! BTW, pop on over to my place...I have a special award for you. :)
Blessings on your day.

Irritable Mother said...

It isn't as bad as I was imagining! You said she was sitting on your foot and then got up, and you felt wetness...Guess I was projecting my problems with Matthew on you when I thought she had wet herself while she was sitting on your foot! I'd rather be a human tissue than a toilet! LOL
And, no, Matthew has never used me as a human toilet. Thankfully!!!
Cute story, and a great lesson. Thanks.

Kari said...

Thanks so much for the comments on my blog I am so pleased you found us. :)
LOL@the human tissue I can so relate to this. Actually I can relate to the entire story. All 3 of my children were clingy Mommies kids until they got a bit older and built their comfort and confidence out in the big world. The littlest one is still mommies boy and I'm embracng every second of it ;) Because the days and moments are numbered he is growing increasingly independant by day and as happy as that makes me it still is sad at the same time.