October 1, 2007

Meadow's New Bed

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They delivered Meadow's new bed one day last week. She had only had a toddler bed for some time now and her little feet would hang off of the end of the bed WHEN she slept in it...which isn't often! She is my baby girl and moving her over into her own bed is not easy for me.

She however has always been so independent, when she was little she loved sleeping in her own bed. It broke my heart and I would sneek in there at night and move her back to my room and snuggle her all night. Some mornings she would be livid with me for moving her because after all, she was a BIG girl now! Little by little though as she out grew her bed she would sleep in with me or one of her sisters and eventually quit asking to sleep alone. With my husband being an over the road so much it has not been a priority to get Meadow a bed of her own. We had been talking about it for a while but had taken no action.

Then a couple of weeks ago one of my good friends Kimmie called and asked me to go with her and her husband to a furniture mart. (They are getting a new home and needed to pick out lots of goodies!) Meadow and I rode with them with no intentions of coming home with a new bed, but while my friends were shopping for their furniture Meadow and I decided to go into the "Just For Kids" furniture store to *look* around.

Meadow spotted this bed and it was love at first site. I was skeptical and looked around for more practical options. The rooms in our home are not very big and open so I knew we were limited in our decision. I first picked out a bunk bed with a built in computer desk but after calling my husband I found that it was too large. Meadow was still pleading for this slide bed. The price was great (unbelievably), it was one of the least expensive beds in the store so I went for it.

When the bed arrived we had to a lot of moving around to make room for the slide. Meadow was ecstatic! The first two nights she slept in her new slide bed with a big proud smile on her face! It was so hard for me! UGH! Me, I slept all alone in my king bed feeling incredibly lost and alone. Then the third night at 4:30 am I heard Meadow yelling for me. I went running, I hadn't done that in a long time. When I got to her she told me she had a bad dream, so I scooped her up and carried her back to my bed. She has been there ever since.

It is so hard to let them go and grow up sometimes. Some moments are easier than others. This area is incredibly hard for me. I do want her to be able to sleep in her own bed and be secure with no fear and yet at the same time I keep thinking to myself, "Just one more night, she is growing up so fast, just one more night. After all I never know what night is going to be the last." Sky and Heaven still like to crawl in my bed when their daddy is gone but it isn't the same as when they are little. Does anyone else have such a hard time letting go??

We love Meadow's bed. She has a play house set up underneath it and uses her slide daily! She will eventually be sleeping in her new bed every night, I'm just not rushing it. :)


Penless Thoughts said...

Cute bed. I can see why she likes it.

Irritable Mother said...

It is hard sometimes, but we'll make it!
Please come over for an award, and know that I love you!