November 27, 2007

My Father's World First Grade

My Father's World first grade is one of the programs that I am using to teach Meadow this year. I love this program because there is so much bible included. We haven't gotten as far into as I would have preferred so far but we are getting ready to pick up our pace. MFW is a unit study that covers every subject that your child needs for 1st grade.

We are just beginning to get deeper into My Father's World and I am excited! It was written by missionaries David and Marie Hazell. They started MFW to help fund bible translation. Their ministry is called God's Word for the Nations and you can read more about them here: My Father's World and then click missions. To see the program we are using click first grade.

Right now Meadow is learning more intense phonics. She is reading quite beautifully and learning how to decipher the harder words. She is writing and memorizing one proverb each week. The last few weeks of proverbs have had a recurring theme, speaking kind sweet words....honey words are healing to the bones. Meadow is quick to remind us when we are not speaking honey words!

We are studying weather, rain, lightening, thunder, soil, rivers and beaches for far. Meadow has also been absorbing as much information as she can about the planets only because she has such a strong desire, so I oblige and read her what I have about them.

This week we are beginning our timeline and our study in Genesis. I will soon be blogging pictures of her work. I hope all of you enjoy this part of our journey as much as I enjoy teaching her!

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