November 27, 2007

Great News!

First of all little Luke from 500 prayers for Luke is in remission. Yay! He is at the end of his second round of chemotherapy and will finish his treatment with one more round but being in remission is a great sign. Please keep on praying and for anyone who would like an update or who missed it before here is the link: 500 Prayers for Luke .

Second is an update on Mary Leggewie the owner of my homeschool board that I have been a member of for over six years now. Mary is hanging on! Praise God! It truly brings my heart joy to know that our Lord has stirred Mary's will and that she desires to live and if fighting for her life. Nine days ago they gave Mary 3 hours to live and I am so thankful that the Lord led us into prayer and fasting and that He has His hand upon her. Please continue prayer for both Mary and Luke.

I have been scarce lately, it is because of this season that the Lord has me in. It is different than any other I have yet to experience. I so desire to share so much of what He has been revealing to me but He has not released me to do so yet. There is still so much to come. The fasting He has had me in for Mary has opened doors for Him to deal with me on so many things and I am learning, seeing and hearing things in a new and different way. Drawing nigh unto Him.

I plan to share much of my fast with you and some great revelation from a book the Holy Spirit led me to read. I'm going through it for the second time now so hopefully I'll have the time to blog about it. I just pray that the Lord is able to use me to draw His people closer to Him and in a deeper relationship too.

Thanks to each of you for joining me in corporate prayer for Mary and Luke. God Bless You all!

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