November 9, 2007

Its Friday and I'm back online!

I am finally back online. My computer crashed, I had to wait for the new one then dial up simply stopped working like it was and I can't explain how that happened either! My sweet hubby agreed to let me try satellite. It took seven days to get the installers out here and finally now I'm up and running. Yay! I'm ecstatic with my computer and my internet. Praise God for these sweet blessings.

Our weekend.....

Today Tony is suppose to be home early and I can't wait. I miss him so incredibly bad and often times the weeks seem to d-r-a-g out forever. I have a small honey do list for him which he will probably get to in the morning.

Tonight I think we are going to round up some teens and head over to the food bank to help pack food boxes. We done this last month and enjoyed it immensely.

Saturday, after the chores we have been invited out to dinner by two other couples and a short Bible Study after. I'm torn between my excitement of wanting to go and fellowship and wanting to have a night home alone with my husband before he leaves on Sunday again. I have a feeling we will go and cut out early if we have to, in order to gain some alone time! :)

How about you? Plans for the weekend?

Oh, and did I say its good to be back online?!?


annie said...

HI Jenileigh!
It's late here, I'm stealing a bloggy moment while everyone has gone to bed. Hope you have a wonderful weekend and get some special time with hubby.
I'm not sure what our weekend will be yet... tomorrow probably cooking, shopping and cleaning... and then Sunday church and church :o)!

Penless Thoughts said...

Glad your back and all is well.

Jenny in Ca said...

very cool about the your internet connection, I think I develop a twitch now when I don't have access for more than a day...funny, I didn't used to be like that...

enjoy your time with dh!